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Anthony Pavlich, PT, DPT


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Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:Northeastern University

Graduate School:Northeastern University

Hometown:The Woodlands, TX

Hobbies:Rock Climbing, Golf, Running

Interesting Facts:I held 2 school record in Track and Field at Northeastern University.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Helping people to live pain-free and become the best version of themselves through exceptional patient care.

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by Sonia Rios

I had pain in my right hip that made it difficult to work and stand for long periods of time. With the exercises provided to me, the pain diminished, and I was able to increase my flexibility.

by BT Hobbs

Dr. Pavlich was great! The program he put me through worked really well. I made a lot of progress in a short period. I was able to work through the program at my own pace and on my own time. Setting appointments and using the program was easy because of the app. I definitely had a good experience.

by Karen Tobias

After completing my 900-mile challenge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and starting my “reverse map,” I developed knee pain from an IT band issue. Through telemedicine, Dr. Pavlich worked with me on stretches and strength-building exercises that I could complete at home. He quickly responded to my messages when I had questions about my technique or the exercises. Within seven weeks, I completed a 2-day, 40-mile hike up and over the Appalachians that included more than ten whitewater crossings. I know my leg will never be perfect, but it’s been great to reduce my knee pain and to have a program I can complete without traveling. Thanks so much!

by Tommy Forsythe

I had a great partnership with my therapist. It was very thorough in all aspects. The rehab exercises were explained in detail and with progression as improvement was made. I would recommend the Remote Recovery to anyone.

by Ann Marie Schiller

I started doing a boot camp-style workout after not doing any kind of formal exercise for years, and I found myself with swollen, hurting knees. I stumbled on Airrosti after seeing a video explaining knee pain online and liked how clear and concise it was. I decided to try a virtual visit because I could conveniently schedule it within two days and pick a time that worked for me. I met with Anthony, and he knew right away what was going on and knew exactly how to correct it. He was personable and caring while he explained what I needed to work on and how it was going to help. After four weeks, my knee pain is gone and I know what I need to do to keep it that way. I’m so glad I found Airrosti because it made it so easy to fix this issue t+ show morehat I thought was going to prevent me from doing my exercise classes.

by Anthony Gardner

Anthony was excellent! He was understanding and listened to my unique situation and concerns, and helped put together a plan that worked for me. I’m feeling better than I have in months!

by Veronica Martinez

He was able to pinpoint my exact issue when I explained the symptoms. After a couple of sessions, my problem was relieved.

by Amy Brown

I came to Airrosti really worried that I had really injured myself and wouldn’t be able to continue lifting weights. Dr. Pavlich assured me that in 4-6 weeks we would have me back in a great place after hearing my description of the problem. Sure enough, we met that timeline and I am feeling so much better and confident that with his long-term instructions, I will get stronger and reduce the likelihood of this kind of injury.

by Sara Pesic

Airrosti helped when other techniques did not. It took some time, adjustments and consistency of doing the exercises but I’m happy to say that I do not experience pain like before. I’m able to continue to do hard CrossFit workouts and slowly build up my lifting endurance

by Cynthia Hermus

I am an art teacher. Working with my hands is essential. I was diagnosed with thumb arthritis and it was getting worse. The Airrosti medical provider gave me different therapies to do to strengthen my hands and wrists, as well as treating flareups without the constant need for painkillers. I am very happy with the services provided, the technology aspect, and the app. The virtual visits kept me from using sick days and being away from my students.

by Matt Brown

I tried PT for my patellar tendonitis and achilles tendonitis with minimal improvement. Dr. Pavlich immediately recognized impingement in my hips causing the downstream issues. Within a matter of 2 months of working with Dr. Pavlich, my pain and restrictions are gone. I can’t say enough good things about this program. Thanks, again!

by Sarah Abbott

I saw results quickly as I did the stretches assigned. I appreciated the flexibility of the appointments and the ease of the app. My provider was knowledgeable and easy to work with.

by Dustin Byerley

I hurt my shoulder lifting weights. Mr. Pavlich got right to it, figured out what I needed and got me back to normal in no time. Strongly recommend this guy to anyone.

by Valerie LePretre

I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for over 6 months due to a walking injury. I’d been to a podiatrist who gave me two cortisone injections which did little good for healing the injury. I learned about Airrosti through my insurance provider and thought I’d give it a try. After doing the exercises for 6 weeks the pain is 95% gone. The stretching exercises and Dr. Pavlich’s guidance really did help address the root cause of the problem for me. I highly recommend Airrosti!

by Ray Scholz

I had been to a couple of different physical therapy places and would get some relief but the issues would always come back. I decided to try Airrosti and boy I am glad I did. They gave me the tools I needed going forward to prevent the neck and low back pain issues I have been dealing with over the last couple of years. I am now able to do my full workouts again using light to moderate weights. I 100% recommend Airrosti!!

by Cynthia Espinoza

I had been suffering with pain on my knees for about 6 months. I was doing prolozone injections and heat on my knees, which would temporarily relief the pain. My goal was to be able to play and run around with my little yorkie. Then I approached Airrosti. Dr. Pavlich gave me an exercise routine, and within the first week I got relief. I have not used heat on my knees since I began the exercises. I am impressed with how fast we can recover when we really stick to the program. It’s key, my fellow humans, we have to do the work every day, otherwise either we will not improve or will be very slow (my past experience). The rolling foam was painful as heck but all worth it, truly!! I wanted to prove it to myself. I’m happily playing and runnin+ show moreg around with my yorkie, pain free. Thank you Dr. Pavlich for your guidance.

by James Bell

Four weeks ago I sustained an injury to my Teres Major mostly likely due to overuse & not properly stretching adequately enough. Immediately post-injury, I was unable to perform any lifting, swimming, or pulling of any kind without extreme pain. Thankfully I was fortunate enough to team up with Airrosti & one of their awesome PTs Anthony Pavlich for my rehab! Anthony was instrumental in immediately getting me started on my road to recovery by listening to how I had injured my lat & what the symptoms were. He put a plan in place that we progressed through over a 4 week period. Each week adding additional elements & stretching to strengthen my lat. I am now able to swim for a longer duration without discomfort, deadlift via trap bar 315lbs+ show more for reps without pain, & row at my normal pace again. Now I will begin slowly adding in pull-ups as I build that strength back! Amazing how your body can react & heal with the proper protocols. Thanks, Anthony & Airrosti for your above & beyond help throughout this process! Highly recommend this company for your road to recovery!

by Christopher O’Brien

I found myself injured during the covid pandemic, were getting an in-person appointment for treatment was challenging to say the least. After seeing an ad through CrossFit.com about Airrosti I became hopeful. After reaching out, I was partnered with a world-class practitioner who assessed and prescribed rehab to me in an easy, convenient-to-do format, that has made my recovery possible…and fun! The best part for me was having a PT right at the click of a button. I can’t say how much this relieved my stress when I was in pain or had a question about my program. After my experience with Airrosti, I find it very unlikely I will use anyone else in the future for any recovery/PT needs. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for t+ show morehe best possible solution to any challenges their bodies face. Thanks, Airrosti!

by Debra Kellstedt

I am a person who hikes and runs and likes to stay as active as possible, and I have been an athlete most of my life. When I started experiencing debilitating chronic pain after an ankle injury, Dr. Pavlich was the one who helped me get back on track. He really listened when I described my pain and provided evidence-based and practical solutions that worked for my still active lifestyle. The stretches and exercises in my treatment plan were easy to incorporate into my daily routine, and having regular appointments online fit well with my schedule. What I appreciate about the philosophy of Airrosti is that they want to help their patients avoid costly and invasive interventions. The last thing I want is major surgery and to be off my feet+ show more for weeks at a time. I am happy instead to be using my feet to run, hike, and even ski, again!

by Tara Thompson

I was first introduced to Airrosti by a coworker when I was looking for a chiropractor referral. She said it might be useful so I tried it and the rest is history. I went to Dr. Kuykendall in person and learned so much about my body and how things work together. The exercises were awesome and I could do them anytime. Dr. Surls and Dr. Pavlich assisted me remotely and once again I learned why I was hurting and how to attack what was wrong so I could make it right. Between the tools and the exercises, I feel armed and ready to keep myself as fit and active and properly working as I can at 59 and beyond! Airrosti is a godsend because anytime I feel a pain I know how to work on that. If it is something different they are just a phone call aw+ show moreay to help me learn how to fend for myself. I recommend Airrosti to everyone I know in hopes they will find relief and strength like I did and do!

by Krys Ernesti

In January of 2021, I severely strained my right calf muscle doing weighted prowler pushes. It was painful to walk on for about a month, even with pulling back on my training/workouts. Being a full-time CrossFit coach and personal trainer, just the amount of walking around and movements with my clients would cause enough pain for me than working out or certain exercises were not an option. After 2 months of trying to rest/recover without outside help, I went to a physical therapy place in town. Once a week for five weeks I got dry needled and manually stretched out. The dry needling helped with the pain but did not completely take away the issue. My calf would still tighten up and cause enough pain that I avoided running, jumping, and tr+ show moreiple extension movements. In September of 2021, my boss, Kyle Kasperbauer said that he had been working with Airrosti for his Achilles injury and suggested I look into them as well because I was still having issues. I filled out the intake form and set up a VIP chat. During that first meeting, Anthony listened to what initially happened, what I was currently going through and the limitations it was causing. He asked to see me in a couple of different positions to evaluate the differences between my two hips and legs. Immediately, he was convinced that was actually an issue with my right hip and not just my calf muscles. I was extremely pleased with how thorough he was with the evaluation and how he took the time to access my movements around the main source of my pain to find the actual cause. I started working with him the following week and within 2 weeks I was already noticing significant differences. Two and a half months later and I am already doing all of the movements that used to cause pain and discomfort. Before I started with Airrosti I was beginning to think I would just always have this issue and continually be in pain.

by Alex Pena

I only intended on doing the televisit once to take advantage of the complimentary visit and afterward, Google exercises. Dr. Pavlich assured me my visits were covered. His treatment was very effective, and I was very responsive to his treatment. I had gone to a neurologist and ortho prior to seeing him, both of whom wanted to do invasive treatment. I opted to see Dr. Pavlich and although I do not feel 100% better, his treatment definitely has me feeling 90% better. Thank you!!!

by Lorie Lund

I have had plantar fasciitis for years. I saw a podiatrist several years ago but the exercises were no longer helping. I contacted Airrosti and set up an appointment. The problem wasn’t just in my foot but also in my hips. I was given several hip stretches and foot extensions that I do daily. What a difference in my foot and my hips. I made it through my son’s wedding in a low heel without debilitating pain. I still have a couple of weeks to go in my plan and My doctor has been helpful in walking me through each exercise.

by Dave Newman

I was having a lot of low back pain due to the type of work I had been doing (caring for my quadriplegic wife) and the exercises prescribed by Dr. Pavlich made me feel young again! I love the convenience of not having to drive to an office, and my exercise regimen was remotely monitored 24/7 and tailored almost in real-time to meet my needs. As with any treatment regimen, the amount of effort I put in determines the amount of relief I get, but I have to say this program really worked for me.

by Jackie Weil

Dr. Pavlich helped me to get rid of my plantar fasciitis in just a few weeks.

by Sean Massey

I came in with months-long foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, and within 4 weeks the pain has almost disappeared. I couldn’t be happier with the effectiveness of the treatment and I attribute my recovery solely to Dr. Pavlich and his direction. As opposed to other injuries I’ve presented to doctors in the past, I feel as if Dr. Pavlich listened to my concerns 100% and allowed me to ask all the questions I wanted to. Because of this communication, he was able to pinpoint the injury from the beginning, and allow me to do the appropriate treatment/therapy from home! Thank you!

by Ilena Davis

I want to give the biggest shout-out to Dr. Pavlich! I have been going through life with terrible knee pain and lower back pain for several years. I worked with the Hinge Health program for some time without much relief and not so much communication. After just a few weeks of work with Airrosti and Dr. Pavlich, I finally am able to experience days without such terrible pain in my knees. I can go for walks with my dog and I am even back to some light hiking! I have learned how and what to exercise and take better care of myself. I am finally on the road to normalcy. Thank you, Dr. Anthony Pavlich!!!

by Jacqueline McCormick

I want to thank and acknowledge Dr. Pavlich. He is a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciated his advice and insight throughout this journey. I honestly was a skeptic before I gave Airrosti a try, thinking that only traditional forms of PT and imaging were the answer to correct injuries. I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Airrosti.

by Cynthia King

I was so glad to hear out about Airrosti’s program to hopefully find a solution to improve and rid myself of constant pain. I had herniated my L4 and L5 discs several years ago and have flare-ups constantly when lifting or doing too much. Add in computer work and stress levels from work, my shoulders and neck felt like there was a knife twisting and causing sharp pain in them. Between the injury and daily work, they both were flaring up, I was constantly in pain, irritable, and not sleeping well. When I first started participating in the exercises provided to me by Dr. Pavlich, I thought no way on some of them, but as I continued to push through I found how much they help me! I am no longer in constant pain and the stretches feel like I + show morefinally have my body healing and lining back up the way it is meant to be. Plus I am not tossing and turning at night trying to get comfortable. I am so grateful and appreciative of Dr. Pavlich’s knowledge to adjust and help design what works best for me. Thank you!!!

by Sam Kapila

Dr. Pavlich was super helpful when it came to my back pain caused by an old injury and added stress. He was super encouraging but also helped me figure out ways to get these exercises into my routine and so I wouldn’t forget them. He worked with me constantly to figure out what worked best and what didn’t. The videos and kit are great and I’m glad I can watch them over the phone.

by John Gallardo

I had been contemplating having my hip replaced, but felt I was too young and wanted an alternative option. Our school district offered Airrosti through our insurance, so I decided to attend a group zoom explaining what the program entailed. While on the zoom, I made sure the doctor knew my hip joint was bone on bone before deciding to move forward with the program. After the zoom, I was contacted by Dr. Anthony Pavlich about two days later. From the moment we were in contact, Dr. Pavlich showed a sense of understanding and knowledge of how to help the pain in my hip. I was assigned several stretching exercises and asked to complete them daily. Within a week, the pain in my hip went from about a 9 to about a 4.5. After our second zoom, D+ show morer. Pavlich tweaked my stretching program to accommodate what we both felt was working and what needed to be changed. The weeks I have time to rest and stretch, my hip stays below a 5 pain threshold and there were a couple of days I was pain-free. I did have a setback when I had to work a track meet and took over 20,000 steps in one day. The pain did shoot back up to a 10, but I was diligent with the stretching routine and the pain went back down to about a 3-4. On our second to last zoom meeting, Dr. Pavlich added some strength training which I feel is going to help stabilize and strengthen the muscle around the joint. Dr. Pavlich made sure I was good with what we were doing and what we had accomplished before stopping the zoom calls. My success and anyone else’s success depend on me. Dr. Pavlich gave me the tools to help prolong the hip surgery I was contemplating. I am no longer taking Motrin for the pain and do a little extra stretching when the hip pain rises above a 5. Dr. Pavlich left the line open for me and said to reach out to him if things weren’t staying on course. I feel good about the program and feel with the prescribed exercises and a little weight loss, surgery can be prolonged for quite a while…

by Bernard Rosenberg

I have had Achilles problems for over a year. Thanks to Dr. Pavlich I am able to walk/jog again will little or no pain. The exercises are easy to follow online and the kit they sent me helped so much in my recovery. Dr. Pavlich was very friendly knowledgeable and encouraging through our visits. The program worked so well that we are done with virtual visits with just three sessions unless I need more help in the future. I highly recommend Airrosti and their Airrosti Remote Recovery program. I won’t lie I was skeptical, but am now a believer. Thank you Airrosti!