Anthony Pavlich, PT, DPT

Dr. Anthony Pavlich | Airrosti | Provider

Dr. Anthony Pavlich | Airrosti | Provider

Anthony Pavlich, PT, DPT


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Became an Airrosti Provider:2020

Undergraduate School:Northeastern University

Graduate School:Northeastern University

Hometown:The Woodlands, TX

Hobbies:Rock Climbing, Golf, Running

Interesting Facts:I held 2 school record in Track and Field at Northeastern University.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Helping people to live pain-free and become the best version of themselves through exceptional patient care.

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by Jacqueline McCormick

I want to thank and acknowledge Dr. Pavlich. He is a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciated his advice and insight throughout this journey. I honestly was a skeptic before I gave Airrosti a try, thinking that only traditional forms of PT and imaging were the answer to correct injuries. I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Airrosti.

by Cynthia King

I was so glad to hear out about Airrosti's program to hopefully find a solution to improve and rid myself of constant pain. I had herniated my L4 and L5 discs several years ago and have flare-ups constantly when lifting or doing too much. Add in computer work and stress levels from work, my shoulders and neck felt like there was a knife twisting and causing sharp pain in them. Between the injury and daily work, they both were flaring up, I was constantly in pain, irritable, and not sleeping well. When I first started participating in the exercises provided to me by Dr. Pavlich, I thought no way on some of them, but as I continued to push through I found how much they help me! I am no longer in constant pain and the stretches feel like I fin...+ show moreally have my body healing and lining back up the way it is meant to be. Plus I am not tossing and turning at night trying to get comfortable. I am so grateful and appreciative of Dr. Pavlich's knowledge to adjust and help design what works best for me. Thank you!!!

by Sam Kapila

Dr. Pavlich was super helpful when it came to my back pain caused by an old injury and added stress. He was super encouraging but also helped me figure out ways to get these exercises into my routine and so I wouldn't forget them. He worked with me constantly to figure out what worked best and what didn't. The videos and kit are great and I'm glad I can watch them over the phone.

by John Gallardo

I had been contemplating having my hip replaced, but felt I was too young and wanted an alternative option. Our school district offered Airrosti through our insurance, so I decided to attend a group zoom explaining what the program entailed. While on the zoom, I made sure the doctor knew my hip joint was bone on bone before deciding to move forward with the program. After the zoom, I was contacted by Dr. Anthony Pavlich about two days later. From the moment we were in contact, Dr. Pavlich showed a sense of understanding and knowledge of how to help the pain in my hip. I was assigned several stretching exercises and asked to complete them daily. Within a week, the pain in my hip went from about a 9 to about a 4.5. After our second zoom, Dr. ...+ show morePavlich tweaked my stretching program to accommodate what we both felt was working and what needed to be changed. The weeks I have time to rest and stretch, my hip stays below a 5 pain threshold and there were a couple of days I was pain-free. I did have a setback when I had to work a track meet and took over 20,000 steps in one day. The pain did shoot back up to a 10, but I was diligent with the stretching routine and the pain went back down to about a 3-4. On our second to last zoom meeting, Dr. Pavlich added some strength training which I feel is going to help stabilize and strengthen the muscle around the joint. Dr. Pavlich made sure I was good with what we were doing and what we had accomplished before stopping the zoom calls. My success and anyone else's success depend on me. Dr. Pavlich gave me the tools to help prolong the hip surgery I was contemplating. I am no longer taking Motrin for the pain and do a little extra stretching when the hip pain rises above a 5. Dr. Pavlich left the line open for me and said to reach out to him if things weren't staying on course. I feel good about the program and feel with the prescribed exercises and a little weight loss, surgery can be prolonged for quite a while...

by Bernard Rosenberg

I have had Achilles problems for over a year. Thanks to Dr. Pavlich I am able to walk/jog again will little or no pain. The exercises are easy to follow online and the kit they sent me helped so much in my recovery. Dr. Pavlich was very friendly knowledgeable and encouraging through our visits. The program worked so well that we are done with virtual visits with just three sessions unless I need more help in the future. I highly recommend Airrosti and their Airrosti Remote Recovery program. I won’t lie I was skeptical, but am now a believer. Thank you Airrosti!

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