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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown:San Antonio

Hobbies:Golf, working out, reading, cooking, trying new cuisine, and live music.

Interesting Facts:I was a bellhop/valet that helped check in celebrities such as J.Lo, Martina Hingis, Tony Danza, Pete Sampras & Anna Kournikova. I have zip lined in the jungle where the movie Predator was filmed.

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by Eric Urban

Great group of people focused on rapid recovery and pain elimination. I highly recommend this location for treatment!

by Debbie Craig

Dr. Drew Trimmier is an amazing Airrosti Provider; his knowledge and professionalism are outstanding! Julie, his assistant, was a joy to work with. Together, they lead me to a pain-free world! They both are a true blessing! Thank you so much!

by Roshonda M.

I injured my Achilles tendon, and the pain had been ongoing for about eight months. I found Airrosti online, watched a few videos on their website before deciding to make an appointment using their online system. After telling Dr. Trimmier how I initially injured my Achilles, he seemed to know exactly what to test to figure out what was causing my pain. I was given exercise homework and saw him in the office only three times, and my Achilles had improved tremendously. I hardly any pain and I had highly improved mobility. Sticking with my home exercises, I rarely have pain now.

by Jillian Griffith

I was referred to Airrosti for upper back pain from being a full-time nanny and college student. After a few visits, my pain was completely fixed; now, I have many a bunch of tools going forward on how to prevent my pain from coming back. Airrosti was a great experience for me!

by Jessica Lemos

In April 2023, I began suffering from severe tendonitis in my left leg. I made the problem worse because I tried finding out on my own what was the root of the problem. It was too much to handle; I was only wasting my time. So a friend of mine recommended that I call Airrosti. Since day one, I have not only received treatment, but I learned the origin of my injury and how to prevent it in the future. I’m relieved that I finally found a team of specialists to help me. I have been discharged and I’m doing amazing. I can continue living pain free.

by Katherine Norvell

I have been to Airrosti in the past for a previous injury. So, when I hurt my back again, I knew I needed the Airrosti team again. I limped in last week because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t stand for long because the shooting pains went down my legs. I couldn’t bend and I could barely twist my waist. In one session, I was 85% better! After my first session I was able to stand and sit with minimal pain. Although I still couldn’t bend completely, within a few days, the pain was almost entirely gone. I had one last session just to get the last kinks out of my back, and now I feel great! I’m so thankful for Drew and Julie who helped me. They are very kind and the results speak for themselves! I can’t recommend this place enoug+ show moreh.

by Sophie Askew

I’ve had lower back pain for around 2 years, and after a few months with Airrosti, my pain has been significantly less to none. I would recommend Airrosti to everyone I know if they’re experiencing muscular pain or even some joint pain.

by Emmanuel A.

Dr. Trimmier and Julie did an amazing job. They are truly the best! I highly recommend them.

by Carlos Aguilar

Came in with major discomfort in lower back and now after 3 sessions, I feel amazing with my mobility and have implemented the amazing exercises Julie taught me.

by Abreetta Bonner

Dr. Trimmier, Julie & Drew seriously transformed the way I feel. My neck & shoulder pain was excruciating when I first came and literally I felt almost instant relief after my 1st session. Dr. Trimmier & the team listened to my concerns, gave me great instructions for my at-home exercises & informed me every step of the way during our sessions together. If you have pain I highly recommend Airrosti they are knowledgeable & lead with compassion!

by Albert Mendoza

Dr. Trimmier & Juan Briones are very knowledgeable, professional and deliver the highest level of service possible. Went above and beyond in answering my questions. Additionally, my ankle feels so much better than before my first visit. Would recommend without question.

by Robin Davis

Dr. Trimmier & his assistant Juan Briones were great at helping me get rid of the pain to my hip & shoulder. They were very knowledgeable.

by John Ray

I have had a lower back injury dating back to 1992 while serving in the US Army. Since then I have gone through every single sort of rehab available and I am an athlete. I love to play basketball. Before meeting Dr. Trimmier, I would play, at most 2 times a month due to the amounts of pain and recovery I would have to endure just to play a few games. After my very 1st appointment, I had a new understanding of why my 5 compressed discs (3 bulging/2 ruptured) were hurting me so. I do the exercises and stretches using my roller and peanut and I feel truly blessed with a new life. I am now 4 years into almost daily basketball regimen! Dr. Trimmier’s understanding of the human body is AMAZING; you will not be sorry by taking your first step i+ show moren booking an appointment.

by Armando Alvarado

Dr. Trimmier really helped my Daughter with a few injuries from Soccer and vacation. He and his assistant Juan have done a great job in getting her back to no pain from a back injury and shin splints. She now can enjoy running and playing soccer at her best. I would like to say thanks for all you both have done in helping and teaching my daughter how to help herself also. You guys are the best. If there anybody I would recommend both of you will be the ones. Have a fun and safe holidays ahead.

by Maria Garza

For me, it’s been a year that I have been having a lot of discomfort in my left leg. When I stand and walk after a very short while it starts to ache then becomes stiff almost locked up in the knee area and as I walk it felt like I was carrying a very heavy brick and then my whole leg and foot would become heavy and numb. I felt like I was always having to drag my leg around and it is just awful. I’ve been to the ER and they said they couldn’t help me, I went to a family physician and I was told there wasn’t anything they could do for me. I then went to an orthopedic surgeon and they said most likely it was happening because of my severe scoliosis and there wasn’t much they could do for me but they would put in an order for some PT. I fo+ show moreund Airrosti on my insurance website and decided to take a chance because after being this way for a year and being told that I would most likely have to live this way I figured what do I have to lose. My first visit was amazing and I learned quite a bit about what is causing my problem and the best approach to resolve it. My appt was at 3:30pm and I got home at 5pm and have walked all evening back and forth doing my chores and everything else and my leg is feeling better, I have not felt any numbness or much discomfort. After just one visit I am starting to feel a difference in my leg, I cannot wait to go back for my following visits so that I will continue to improve. I took a chance and I am so glad that I did, I am very thankful for these people because I have seen for myself what just one visit can do. I highly recommend this place to anyone suffering with any kind of pain or condition that prevents you from living your life to the fullest and doing what you love everyday. As for me, I will continue with my visits and I am so looking forward to being completely well. I feel very blessed and I am so glad that I found Airrosti. Dr Andrew Trimmier and Juan Briones in my opinion are miracle workers.

by Evelyn Zalman

I had my C4-7 fused and due to the damage before hand could not lift my left arm up above my head and always had severe pain in the shoulder area. I had been to my regular Chiropractor and had deep tissue massages, and rehab and nothing helped. I just gave up on ever being pain free. Dr Trimmier changed that, after my first appointment I left actually having hope on being normal again. Now after my 3rd appointment I have felt better than I have since this started back in July 2017. All I can say is don’t give up and go to an Airrosti near you, the results are unbelievable.

by Dora Rodriguez

Dr. Trimmier treated our daughter for a medial hamstring on her upper left leg. His treatments along with the physical therapy Juan provided helped her recover from this injury sooner than expected. Even though her injury caused her to miss track and field competitions, she is recovering well and she is almost pain free. Thank you for your patience, assistance and expertise.

by Leslie Kvapil

Dr. Trimmier has really helped me not only to relieve some pretty serious pain, but to discover the source of my injury and how to avoid it in the future. He tries to accomplish as much as is possible in each visit and get you back to feeling great as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Airrosti and Dr. Trimmier.

by Barbara Fischer

Dr. Trimmer, was very patient with me. I feel better everyday. After treatment I would feel much improved, but learned quickly,that I needed to keep up with exercises to feel even better. Thank you Drew and Juan

by Frank Rivas

I was hit by a drunk driver in 2001 injuring my back severely and required surgery. The surgery was horribly painful, and after the surgery I remained in severe pain for seven years, and elected to have a second back surgery. Rods, cages, screws and pins were inserted at L3,L4,L5, & S1, and I remained in pain. I was on heavy doses of Fentanyl (50-100 times stronger than Morphine), Morphine, Percocet, and Vicodin, and it would not come close to helping me with my pain, so I had a third major open spine surgery. I had numerous Doctors, and treatments such as Epidural Injections( Times Fifteen), Facet Injections, ( too many to count), Radio Frequency Ablitation, (more than a dozen times), and even tried things like Accupuncture, Tons of The+ show morerapy & Rehab, and my pain was so bad that I was even contemplating ending my life, as at this point I was bed ridden, and could not work, and 16 years of my life had been spent in severe pain. Then a friend told me about the Airrosti Center, and I thought what did I have to loose, as I had tried everything I could imagine. I found Dr. Tremmier, and he began to treat me and much to my surprise my pain started to subside. After several treatments I am more than happy to say that I am pain and med free. Juan was also very instrumental in showing me several exercises that helped to strengthen my core, and help me to eliminate my pain. I don’t know how to Thank Dr. Tremmier, and Juan for giving me my life back, and to let them know that what they are doing actually saved my life, and what they are doing is so much more than just a Noble cause. If you suffer from back pain, please become your own advocate and seek out Dr. Tremmier, Juan, and the Airrosti Center. Thank you Dr. Tremmier, and Jaun, I hope that you know what you have done for me has given me my life back, and I will remain forever grateful!

by Holly Pacheco

Last October I herniated a cervical disc and was in the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. Besides the severe pain, my left hand was also completely numb, and I was not able to grip with it. My neurosurgeon at the time wanted me to complete 6 weeks at Airrosti before performing an anterior cervical disc fusion surgery. I was not sure what to expect from Airrosti, but being in so much pain I was willing to try anything. Amazingly, before I left the office during my first visit I was able to close my hand again and had enough pain relief to partly turn my head. By the end of my 6 weeks I was almost as good as new, with the exception of some nerve damage requiring surgical repair. Because of the pain relief however, I was affor+ show moreded the time to shop around for a new neurosurgeon with a less invasive technique to repair my herniated disc. Presently, I have almost all of the feeling back in my hand, no pain, and no permanent metal hardware in my neck! Dr. Trimmier’s entire office staff was wonderful to work with. They all made a very scary time in my life much easier to handle.

by jesse alva

I had pain in the elbow area due to crossfit. And after 1 visit I could tell the difference and was relatively pain free. Also the stretches and examples of what to do at home will help keep the injury away. I was also happy to see that that Dr Trimmier text me during the week to see how the injury was and how the stretches were going and even if they were helping.

by Christopher Hernandez

I was having some heel pain (Plantar fasciitis) since February, I finally decided to check out Airrosti and the treatment did hurt a little but I woke up this morning and I felt so much better after just one appointment. I am so happy with the results. Shout out to Dr. Trimmier!

by Andrew Vloedman

Over the past few months I have seen the elaborate and colorful tape jobs on several Lonestar Soccer players. I have also heard many glowing reports about the miracles that Airrosti has worked. I was pretty skeptical until my daughter, Teah, was injured. Teah started limping during technical training on a Monday night and you could see she was in some pain. Her knee was mildly swollen but she could not make any lateral movements without considerable pain. We scheduled an appointment at Airrosti with Dr. Trimmier for Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Trimmier checked Teah’s knee and found nothing wrong structurally. He had her perform several tests and told us that her knee pain was tied to a problem with her glutes and hamstring. Dr. Trimmier + show moreexplained what he would be working on and what to expect. He told Teah that he thought her pain would be gone by the end of the appointment. He did some deep tissue and fascia work and Teah reported that the pain was nearly gone. A few minor tweaks and Teah was pain free. We were then sent to work with an Airrosti trainer who showed Teah how to foam roll and gave her some strengthening exercised to work on over the next few months. Teah was then taped up and Dr. Trimmier told her that she could return to practice that night. Teah was thrilled and I was shocked. Practice was uneventful and Teah had almost no pain. Thursday’s practice was completed without pain. Teah even felt that she was a bit faster after the work that Airrosti had performed. We followed up with Dr. Trimmier on Friday and he did a bit more work on Teah. He was impressed that she was stronger and the muscles were working together better. She was taped and told to keep rolling and have a great weekend of soccer. We were told that we did not need to return as Teah was back to 100%. We went from convinced that Teah had a mildly serious knee injury to playing in two games in a matter of days. I could not recommend Airrosti more. I hope that Lonestar will maintain their relationship with such an effective group.