Gavin Olds, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Undergraduate School:University of Missorui - Kansas City

Graduate School:Cleveland Chiropractic College

Hometown:Galena, KS

Hobbies:Hunting, Fishing, Backpacking and Birding

Interesting Facts:My wife and I have hiked the Ozark Trail.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is an opportunity to focus on patients. Airrosti is an opportunity to focus becoming the best provider of manual therapy I can be. It is an opportunity to help as many people as possible. Airrosti is the opportunity to be surrounded by people with those same goals.

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by Colleen Hayes

So far I have seen Dr.Olds twice an I have to say I’m extremely impressed. I’ve been having terrible shoulder and elbow pain for well over a year and I’m already feeling much better. I’ve seen other doctors with no success. I’m impressed by not only his talent but by his bedside manner. I come from a clinical background and like his clinical approach. His assistant is equally amazing and friendly. Dr. Olds actually texted me the day after my first appointment to check on me. I thank him for that. I’m very pleased.

by Dr. Anna Goodloe

For over a year, I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis and knee & hip pain. Before I met Dr. Gavin Olds, I had been to several doctors seeking treatment, paid for costly MRIs, received cortisone injections and was prescribed muscle relaxers. The fix was temporary, only for the pain to return with a vengeance. I felt like an 80-year-old woman living in a 40-year-old body and was losing hope of being pain free. Giving treatment one last shot, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Olds. I was pleasantly surprised of him being so down to earth and super relatable! He listened to my concerns and frustrations of being in pain and took thorough notes. He explained the root cause of my pain and provided me a synopsis of Airrosti therapy. ...+ show moreOnce the treatments started, he kept the conversation going and had me laughing with him being so hilarious! He took my mind off the pain, which made the time go by much quicker. It only took a few treatments for me to feel like my young self again. If you’re experiencing any kind of acute or chronic pain or suffering from an injury, I strongly encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Olds. He has a sincere passion to this line of work. A big THANK YOU and a deserving high five goes to Dr. Olds and his rehab specialist Baylee! I am deeply indebted to them for their help. Two thumbs up for Airrosti!

by Rachel Cope

I suffered for almost months with elbow and tricep pain in my right arm. I had no idea what was wrong and my doctor referred me to AIRROSTI. Dr. Gavin Olds was so friendly, welcoming and efficient in my care and after only 3 sessions, my arm feels normal again! Claire Williams was also very informative and helpful with exercise to help my arm. Overall, such a pleasant experience. My husband is next to have his knee checked out! Thank you AIRROSTI!

by Richard Tate

My Dr recommended Airrosti for hip bursitis. However, I've had a chronic condition-Cervical Dystonia-since birth. It's a brain dysfunction in the same area that causes Parkinson's, but CD is not progressive. It causes my head to torque to the right. So all the muscles fight to bring it back to center, causing tremors, neck and shoulder pain and upper back pain between scapula and spine. So I asked Dr. Olds about working with this instead, as it caused me the most pain. PS I've had years of PT, chiropractic, Rolfing, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, Polarity Therapy, on and on. They've all helped a little. This is different. From the first treatment, when Dr. Olds pushed into the exact areas I knew needed help, I knew I was in the right pla...+ show morece. My posture is much better. My pain is relieved. And, with the help of Dr. Schwartz who is teaching me the PT needed to STAY better, this is miraculous. THANK YOU! I inquired if stock was available because this should hit big. My only disappointment is that, sadly, it's a closely held corp and I can't buy in. 🙁

by Rachele Lehmann

I owe Doctor Olds my USAPL Nationals Qualifying total. After two months of pain while doing anything with my left arm, to the point that I could no longer hold a barbell on my back for heavy squats, I decided to listen to the athletes at my gym and go see Doc Olds for the pain. I immediately felt welcome in the office, and could see that Olds was genuinely concerned with the problems I was having. After the first visit I was able to hold the barbell on my back for squats, and three visits later I was able to bench press properly again. I know if I had not gone to see Doctor Olds, I would not have qualified for USA Powerlifting Nationals this April, and would not be prepping to attempt a 415 wilks at Nationals in October. Olds gives phenomen...+ show moreal care, has an in-depth knowledge of sports injuries and how to treat them, and he also happens to be hilarious which helped get through the pain of the initial visit. He and his assistant, Sara Geer, make a perfect health and recovery team. I send any and all athletes I know who have pain or injuries, straight to their office.

by Daniel Shelby

I had decided that this was my last try with chiropractic to relieve my chronic back and neck pain. I was tired of the five minute visits with snap crack pop and ice. One more snap of my neck, ice and please pay at the front and I was going to snap. Enter Dr. Olds and my entire opinion changed. He listened well, remembered well and took numerous notes. He showed me and taught me how my muscles were basically cramped and out of balance. Each one full hour of very painful massage was filled with much very patient teaching, going to the diagrams to show exact muscles and listening. I learned so much and am now pain free. When I am in pain I know now how to roll and stretch it out. Dr. Olds "bed side manner" makes the one hour go by qui...+ show moreckly. Like he said it would, the painful massage and rolling worked out my pain. I can flip tires and work out as hard as I want to now with out worry. With the incorporated methods he taught me added to my work out "LIFE IS SWEET". Thank you Dr. Olds

by Coleman Maxwell

My trip to Airrosti was enabled by an unfortunate lower back injury while playing volleyball with my co-workers at a staff retreat. I am very competitive and will play hard to win alongside my team at any cost. I happen to be playing on the front row which allowed me to block the opponent's serve to our side. At one point, I jumped up to block a shot and landed regularly. The moment my feet made contact with the ground, I felt this sharp pain in my lower back and could no longer maneuver with efficiency for the remainder of the game. I became stiff and everything from that point became extremely difficult to do. Sleeping was impossible due to not being able to roll over without feeling immense pain, putting my shoes on was a daunting task d...+ show moreue to not being able to bend over, and getting out of the bed or off a couch was exponentially painful. I just knew my back was out of commission and the only thing that made sense at the moment was future back surgery. My wife mentioned the possibility of going to Airrosti before thinking about surgery. Although my skepticism was high, I was definitely open to the idea. My first visit to Airrosti was painful, physically beneficial, and very insightful. During the first visit, I learned that it could be a hip flexer issue or a possible slipped disc in my lower back. The doctor made it clear that the future visitations would create a clearer diagnosis of what was happening. After that first visit, I definitely became more mobile and began to function normally again. The second and third visit were great because the doctor continued with his deep tissue therapy and techniques to remedy the problem. He'd have me get up periodically and do certain movements to check my lower back mobility. The progress was exponentially better each time! Throughout the whole process, my lower back began to feel strong and maneuvering around the house was great and pain free. I am forever thankful that I didn't go to the doctor immediately to get a diagnosis and possibly spend more money than needed. My lower back feels so good right now and the doctor supplied me with exercises to prevent or remedy the future pain that could possibly occur again. My skepticism in regard to going to Airrosti definitely disappeared fast. The biggest thing that I took away from my Airrosti experience was that Airrosti should never be a secondary option, rather it should be primary when desiring to have your physical pain dealt with. I will not hesitate to recommend anybody that mentions any type physical pain due to an injury or condition. Thanks, Airrosti.