Huy Le, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2010

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College


Hobbies:Martial Arts, Motorcycles, and Little League with my boys.

Interesting Facts:I am a husband and father of 3 wonderful boys and enjoy spending time with my family every chance that I get.

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by Karen Pierce

I have been blown away by the fast results I have received by seeing Dr. Le and Hayley. They are truly a dynamic duo! After having chronic back and hip pain caused by a bad fall from my bike, I am feeling tremendous relief after only three visits. Dr. Le untwisted the locked-up hip and back muscles in one visit. He is so knowledgeable and understanding and got to the root of the cause immediately. Hayley has been fantastic showing me exercises to open up my back and hips and keep my body moving correctly. I had thought I would be living with this pain forever and after my sessions with Dr. Le, I am now excited to resume my active lifestyle again! I had tried everything from acupuncture to nerve blocks and had zero results. Dr. Le and Hayley...+ show more are THE BEST at what they do!!

by Andrew Hill

I have thoroughly enjoyed the care that Dr. Le and Hayley have provided me. For a few years I had been experiencing neck and shoulder tightness accompanied by a limited range of motion. In short, I felt like a robot that desperately needed some lubrication. Under Dr Le's professional supervision I feel better and believe I am on the right road to recovery. My issues appeared to have been a result of many years of unattended care so it will take some time to fully recover but I have sincerely appreciated Dr. Le's honesty and professionalism. Dr Le and Hayley are a fun team and I would highly recommend them to others.

by Reyes Velazquez

Team Airrosti and Dr. Le are professional and evaluate pain to find the major source of injury without the use of surgery or timely and costly medical expenses. Dr. Le is professional, experienced, and dedicated to getting his patients back to work, leisure and enjoying life. I thought I had torn my rotator cuff and was in so much pain and was beginning to believe I would need surgery. Dr. Le took me in and gave me the tender love and care that my shoulder needed. No surgery, no medication, and no long-term physical therapy were needed. Being a self-employed martial arts teacher, I was in no position to take time off from work. I made the decision to place my faith in Dr. Le and miraculously I have been restored to good health from an injur...+ show morey that has been ongoing for 2 years. I am forever thankful and grateful to Dr. Le and his good work and his motivating staff. I highly recommend Dr. Le for anyone needing a doctor they can trust and treats you as a family. Dr. Le is committed to treating the pain, providing an honest evaluation while humbly placing himself to the service of his patients. Thank you, Dr. Le and Airrosti Team!

by Tiara Blackwood

I came to Airrosti at the recommendation of other water skiers, and now I know why they love it! I have a history of back spasms and needed some pain and tension relief after a recent spasm. Dr. Rios was able to relax the lower and mid back muscles to a point where I felt better than I had in a decade. I also learned about why this happened and ways to reduce pain in the future. I was able to water ski in the national tournament 3 weeks after my back spasm, which was over two weeks sooner than my previous injury recovery! I was able to ski near my best performance and was on the podium! So glad I came to see her!

by Elizabeth Rose

First, I have to say that I'm the biggest advocate of Arrosti. It has been my saving grace as it has helped me with numerous aliments. As a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines I'm constantly on the go. Everyone thinks of a flight attendant as a glamours job but in reality it's really quite physical. Everyday we are dragging our heavy luggage (our 3 day home) throughout the airport, bending over numerous times to pick up trash off of the floor, crossing customer's seat belts between flights, or holding a tray of heavy drinks while trying to balance during turbulence. Not only is our job physical but we sleep in a different bed every night so many times I have woken up with a stiff neck due to the mattress or variety of pillows not being ...+ show moreconsistent. I have to say I am so extremely thankful for my brilliant and so talented provider Huy Le and Arrosti. When you are in pain sometimes it's debilitating and without relief the world can seem like it's over. It's so nice to be able to make an appointment (which is always on time) and feel relief in a couple of appointments. Playing volleyball most of my life, I've gone to many chiropractors in the past who have aligned me and sent me on my way without really getting to the root of my issue. At Arrosti, they find the root of the problem, physically work on you with their hands to untwist your muscles and make you feel as good as new. Not only has Arrosti fixed me (yes I was broken) but they have fixed both of my parents and we are forever grateful! Thank you Arrosti for saving us!!!!!

by Julie Ewbank

After being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, I called for an appointment with Airrosti during the time (more than 10 days) that I was waiting for another physical therapy center to get approval from my insurance carrier. To my surprise, Airrosti got approval from my insurance WITHIN TWO HOURS, and the next day I had an appointment with Dr. Le. From my first appointment forward, Dr. Le was always honest about the complexity of my condition and that I would not be fixed in the typical two or three visits. He would say ‘we have a lot of work to do here', but Dr. Le and his Recovery Specialist, Patrick never gave up on me. Each visit I could tell progress was being made, as my mobility came back slowly and pain disappeared. As Dr. Le sai...+ show mored many times, we had to ‘chip away at it'. The combination of Dr. Le clearing the adhesions in my shoulder, followed by Patrick teaching me stretches to do at home, resulted in what is now a healthy and pain-free shoulder. I have never experienced this quality of care from any medical provider. Dr. Le and Patrick are knowledgeable and talented, as well as cheerleaders for their patient. Their office environment is a rare combination of professional and personal. It is run efficiently- I never waited more than five minutes from check-in to hands-on care. I wish all medical providers could observe and take a lesson- it CAN be done!! Mostly, I knew Dr. Le and Patrick always had my healing and well-being in mind. They truly cared about me and for this I am grateful.

by Naomi Torres

Dr. Le is one of the most humble, down-to-earth medical provider. Great Doctor with awesome bedside manners with all his patients! Keep up the great work Dr. Le

by Ben Baxley

Is surgery my only option?This is what I was told by my surgeon after years of pain making me basically immobile. After being diagnosed with Spondylitis, fractured vertebrae, torn discs and degenerative disc disease I went from bad to worse in knowing I would never be able to play sports or enjoy life as I had growing up. Being a very energetic and active person I had become accustomed to high energy, high impact sports like football, baseball, basketball etc. Thinking I would never be able to do those things again would prove to be one of the most difficult realizations in my life and sent me to a real state of depression. For the six months after diagnosis was given I spent most of my time trying physical therapy daily, taking lots of med...+ show moreicine and going through the motions of trying to heal...nothing was working. One morning I was working as usual, in pain, a coworker mentioned they had a group visit her previous office to show them how to "roll" out their stress. I was thinking, "great, just what I need another gimmick". Did I also mention I had gone to the foot specialist to see if maybe my back issues could be fixed with orthotics'? Ugh!!! Skeptical as I was I decided to give Airrosti a call and that's where the transformation began. From start to finish Dr. Le and his staff were the most caring, knowledgeable medical professionals I had ever met. I could tell this may actually be something worth trying…and you know what that is…..HOPE! Like a spark igniting an engine I felt rejuvenated in spirit that maybe I could get back to normal. Boy was I wrong! Not only did Dr. Le and staff get me back to normal but also pushed me to be in better physical shape than I had ever been in. After going through only three visits I started slowly going to a cross fit gym nearby. Six months later I could see my six-pack, never seen before even through all the sports I played. I could do 100 pull ups like it was nothing, squat, pushups and kettle ball swings were like nothing…well almost. I would definitely drop on the floor in pure exhaustion but not from pain and that was a very cool thing my friends. Obviously I will always have issues due to my structural build with my back but I don't have to have surgery and it is definitely not my only option. I am glad to write you this letter and let everyone know how much Airrosti and Dr. Le and his staff have helped my life in so many ways.

by Michael Matson

When I was young, a narcoleptic fell asleep at the wheel and drove into me while riding my bicycle after school. I was on crutches for 6 months, and I have never been able to sit cross-legged since. This range of mobility has been a constant struggle, but I have been able to compete in sports through college, and soon I will become the first Texan in history to row across the Atlantic Ocean. In training for such a feat, I have encountered many injuries, but the doctors at Airrosti (I've visited with many, all with unique areas of specialty, and all with excellent skills and knowledge on how to keep me in the gym) have kept me on track!

by Ashley Toth

I have only had two sessions with Dr. Le and have already seen significant improvements in my range of motion. My twin sister has been seeing him for several months now and has had several different areas "cured" in such a short time. She kept urging me to try it out, but I'm a procrastinator of the worst kind. Finally, it took pulling both of my groin muscles while horseback riding to give it a try. He is also working on a 15 year old injury on my inner thigh/hamstring that I didn't even think was fixable. After only one treatment, I was shocked at the improvement that was made. I'm not going to lie, it was painful while he worked on it, but he's very attentive and extremely knowledgable about the body. He explains everything to you so tha...+ show moret you understand exactly what is injured and what he has to do to fix it. After your session, you meet with Patrick. He stretches you out and tapes you up and ensures you understand all the steps necessary to help you recover. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Le and Patrick, it's such a relief to know I'm in good hands and that I won't have to suffer through this pain the rest of my life. It's so exciting and I would highly recommend them to anyone with pain, whether it be chronic or a sudden injury.

by Carla Darunday

I was seeing Dr. Le for my neck, which has been a chronic issue with me. He reduced my pain dramatically and gave me exercises to help keep the pain and loss of mobility from coming back. During the same period of those visitations I sprained my ankle, so he started treating that, and it hurt like the devil, but he helped me in an amazing way! He really knows what he's doing! And a visit to his office is such a pleasant experience because of his personality as well!

by Rick L

Dr. Le was recommended by a friend of mine. I was having a lot of pain and soreness after ACL reconstruction. Dr. Le was extremely professional and attentive in listening to all the pain I was having and was able to relieve my pain in just a couple of sessions! I would definitely recommend Dr. Le and airrosti to everyone else