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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic - Davenport, IA

Hometown:Grand Blanc, Michigan

Hobbies:I enjoy spending time with friends and trying to explore San Antonio. I like to spend time outdoors and I participate in Crossfit.

Interesting Facts:I am the first immediate family member to not go into the restaurant business. I grew up being around and working in my familyu00e2u20acu2122s restaurant. Also, both my parents emigrated from Greece when they were young. My last name was changed upon my grandpas arrival, and somehow Naum came about.

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by Abigail Offenburger

I have structural scoliosis and when my hips become uneven again, I encounter extreme pain in my lower back and shooting pain down my left leg. After I visited with Dr. Naum, I got relief within two days! I feel so blessed to have gotten the recommendation! The home care treatment protocol was also new to me and a game changer! I have been to other Airrosti Providers, but Dr. Naum is worth me driving an extra hour. Attentive, very physically adept at moving fascia(painful but worth it!!!), intelligent, all-around gifted healer! I’ll be back for sure for preventative tune-ups. The office staff was also top-notch! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you, Dr. Naum!

by Roy Schauffele

Dr. Naum has given me a new lease on my competitive athletic life. Up until the age of 63 I was a competitive athlete and came in 3rd place with the javelin at the Texas Senior Games (Olympics). Constant pain prevented me from competing for 5 years. Visited with Dr. Naum, received a variety of treatments that worked rapidly. I now work our every morning with no pain. In the last two years I’ve taken 1-Silver and 2-Gold Medals at the Texas Senior games. This year (2023) I’m going for 4-Gold Medals. I have no pain, I am competitive and I’m 70 YO. Thank you Dr. Naum!

by Charley Wasson

First it was tennis elbow, then it was pain in my heel. Last time it was extreme pain in my lower back and hip area. Each time Jerry has pinpointed the cause and gone to work to successfully fix the pain. Not just that, they show you how to strengthen your body, or stretch to prevent future pain. My advise is to QUIT HURTING and go see them. You will be glad you did!

by Andrea Acosta

I was hesitant to try Airrosti because my mom and her boyfriend both said it was intense; however, I wanted to be able to take control of my own recovery. Dr. Naum and Kathryn Galindo were super knowledgeable and to the point with rehab for my lower back. The exercises have helped me feel like I can do something to prevent and ease my lower back pain when I kickbox. I don’t need to take days off to recover from my lower back pain anymore. Plus, their professional and personable demeanors make sessions enjoyable.

by Suzanne Casas

I admit, I was a skeptic. Running, particularly trail running, is one of my main joys in life and a mechanism of stress relief, so after a frustrating year with debilitating plantar fascitis, some friends (who are patients) recommended I try Airrosti with Dr. Jerry Naum. I am SO glad that I did! The four treatment sessions and rehab exercises resulted in a drastic improvement. While the treatment was very intense for me, my overall foot pain has dissipated significantly and my lower leg muscles have started to loosen up. I can finally run regularly again and the happiness that this brings me is priceless! Dr. Naum and my Recovery Specialist, Kathryn Galindo are a very knowledgable, professional, and friendly team. I am a firm believer in+ show more Airrosti now and would highly recommend them!

by Angelina Martinez

For MANY years I have prompted athletes to seek Airrosti treatment for different issues as I know it is a great resource for athletes who have pain but want to keep moving. I was very hesitant to visit Airrosti for myself due to fear, everyone always says it hurts. I could not have been more pleased with Dr. Naum, his thorough explanation of the treatment, and the process. It made all the difference!