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Became an Airrosti Provider:2019

Undergraduate School:Appalachian State University - Boone, NC

Graduate School:Life University - Marietta, GA

Hometown:Traverse City, MI

Hobbies:I enjoy reading and learning about new subjects, spending time outdoors with my dog, Big Boy, and exploring San Antonio and the rest of Texas.

Interesting Facts:My first introduction to chiropractic was as a patient when I was treated for severe lower back pain due to a football injury in high school. That inspired me to begin my bodywork career as a massage therapist when I was 18 before moving on to chiropractic school. I also cooked professionally through my teens and twenties.

What Airrosti Means to Me:I have been exposed to and utilized a number of different treatment methods in my career, but none as efficient and effective at eliminating pain and improving function as Airrosti. I moved to San Antonio from Atlanta specifically for the opportunity to work for this wonderful company, and it remains one of the very best decisions I’ve ever made.

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by Ana Herrera

Seeing Doctor Ritola was the best decision ever, you see l am a retired Physical Therapist with 53 years of experience ( worked until l was 86 years, taking care of my business)l treated my neck and back problems with modalities with little results. When advised by a friend to see a chiropractic doctor l told her that manipulation and adjustments would increase pain, inflammation, and muscles spasm in the area. What l needed was a technique that releases the muscles fascia. I decided to place a call to Airrosti and l was fortunate to Dc Ritola which resolved my problems in just 3 sessions together with Pete’s excellent exercise program. It was my responsibility to continue with exercises to completely restore a functional back.

by Paul Quintero

Dr. Ritola and his team took care of me again. My back went out again but this time the recovery was more stubborn because I was continuing to work. Even then Dr Ritola worked his magic over three visits and got me to where I needed to be. Having a physical job Dr. Ritola and his team are invaluable to me to continue to do what I do. Thanks guys!!

by Barbara Gray

I saw Dr. Ritola for shoulder pain. My first visit he evaluated the pain area and went to work on what he felt was causing the issue. He was very thorough and explained where the pain was coming from and how he was going to help alleviate it. I asked a lot of questions and he gave analogies that made complete sense to me. After seeing him, I saw Pete for exercises to do at home. Pete was also very thorough and had me do the exercises to make sure I was doing them correctly. I am not completely pain free after being discharged, but I feel Dr. Ritola and Pete worked together to show me what I need to do. Dr. Ritola assured me that doing the exercises on my own will help strengthen the muscles around the area causing my pain. Now the work i+ show mores up to me! I highly recommend Dr. Ritola and Pete if you are having pain. I know he will do all he can to make you feel better.

by Keith Forster

I was introduced to Airrosti from my Surgeon at UT. My wife and I have both experienced the “TRUE RESULTS” of Airrosti, but Dr. Joe Ritola “HANDS DOWN” and thumbs on the pressure points kept me from having a surgery. I suffered several injuries and surgeries after 32 years as a Sheriff and Code Enforcement/PD. I could barely walk had multiple surgeries and was becoming depressed over my physical condition. Dr. Joe took the notes of the UT Health Doctors and elaborated further looking at the whole anatomy versus one area! Well today, I was actually in tears( AND IM NOT ONE TO CRY) but the pain, lack of range of motion and simply not being able to enjoy activities with my 15 yr old son and life!! After several sessions addressing areas of + show morethe nerves and following it through, MY SPINAL DOCTER was so amazed Dr. Joe was able to find the source of the problem, that she kept asking me questions about Airrosti. Well the reason I was in tears today, was that I was RUNNING IN PLACE! I have not been able to run or lift my knees since 2014 when I suffered a neck and back injury as a Sheriff on Duty! Thank you Airrosti and THANK YOU DR. JOE!! Very knowledgable, kind and caring!!! I have now referred many to your practice!! Blessings!!

by Paul Quintero

I had been recommended to see Dr. Ritola for a while and then finally I decided to come in and see him. I’m so glad I did! He helped me with my back and then helped me with a lifelong neck condition. I two visits he unzipped the tight muscles around my neck and adjusted my posture. Once those muscles were not pressing down on my neck, my neck felt sooo much better. Even better, Dr. Ritola’s adjustments coupled with Pete’s PT exercises provide lasting and sustainable relief. Dr. Ritola and his team are miracle workers! Thank you guys 😊

by Joyce Velasquez

Approximately six months ago I visited Airrosti and was treated by Dr. Joe Ritola. I was at a pain level of 10 continually and could not sleep for more than one hour at a time. I was also unable to drive. The pain was in my right elbow, neck, and full length of my right arm. During the first visit, my pain level decreased to nine and I could sleep for two to three hours at a time. By the second visit, the pain was down to six or seven and I was sleeping three to four hours at a time. It took five visits and steady rehab exercises at home but the treatment worked. I am happy to say I have been pain-free since my treatments six months ago.

by Lindsey Campbell

I had been experiencing constant aching pains in the back of my left shoulder for weeks. I went to visit Dr. Ritola and he was able to immediately diagnose the issue to be upper crossed syndrome. I didn’t know what bad shape my back and shoulder muscles were in until Dr. Ritola started working on them. Over a span of five visits, Dr. Ritola was able to correct a lot of my long-standing muscular and posture issues, and with consistent rehab exercises, I feel better than I’ve felt in years.

by Claudia Diaz

Excellent doctor, I took my 8-year-a-year-long son to have his thumb checked, and Dr. Ritola treated him patiently and explained carefully what he was going to do to him. Very good service, I highly recommend him.

by Paige Telep

When I entered Dr. Ritola’s office, I had been hurting for almost a month. I was so worried that I had something that might require surgery. My body felt better after the very first visit! The app with exercises is so helpful, and Pete was great about walking me through each one so that I could take charge of my own care. Not only do I feel much better, but I’m also empowered with things I can do to strengthen the exact areas that need it most to prevent future injury. I highly recommend this to anyone who might have an injury.

by Jose Cortez

Went in for pain and tightness behind the right ear and neck area. Joe did a wonderful job listening and taking care of my problem. He had me pain-free in a very short time. Excellent provider.

by Ryan Aldana

I have been running cross country and track for 3 years now. Going into my junior year of cross country, I started to feel a small pain on my left knee and I ignored it. I kept running on it and kept putting in more and more miles until it started to get worse. It was interfering with my training harshly, and it had been going on for about a month or two already. My dad recommended I go to Airrosti to get help from Dr.Ritola who was the same person who helped treat him. He helped me out with my knee and my ankle; which turned out to be what was causing the pain in my knee. I went for a little over a month and I was gladly able to enjoy my training and compete in my season. I kept doing all the exercises that he gave me and I kept treatin+ show moreg it as he advised me to afterward, and in the span of two months, I was back to normal with no more pain.

by Daniel Espinoza

This was a great experience! I had pain in my leg & started with another provider & it was going nowhere! Then I chose Dr. Ritola at Airrosti & he took charge with a great plan & the treatments were very effective. I highly recommend Dr. Ritola & his trainer partner, Pete, after my speedy recovery!

by Roxanne Gonzalez

I loved my experience with Joseph Ritola. He was very accommodating and attentive in all virtual sessions. The televisits gave the direction I needed to complete the exercises at home without issues as I was able to watch the demonstrations again and again. That was a perk as you can’t always do these by memory. I’ve attempted a variety of physical therapy on my own with little to no change because the accountability was not there. Joseph made me accountable as well as the app reminders. I’ve felt improvement in my mobility and I’m excited to continue my rehab to see where this takes long term.

by Allyn Johnston

I was experiencing excruciating pain in my upper arm for over a week and had almost no range of motion between the shoulder and the elbow. I had an appointment with Dr. Ritola, and after one visit with him where he performed some deep tissue work and assigned physical therapy exercises, I felt immediate relief. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Ritola – his bedside manner is so warm and he explains things in a very easy to understand way.