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Became an Airrosti Provider:2012

Undergraduate School:Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Graduate School:Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida

Hometown:Indiana, PA

Hobbies:Working out, cooking/grilling, reading, outdoor adventures, church activities, spending quality time with my wife and kids.

Interesting Facts:I weighed 12 lbs, 8 oz when I was born.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti has blended some of best components from chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation into an effective, patient-centered treatment model. Because we spend more time and focus listening to, assessing, treating and educating our patients, we are able to see more efficient and dramatic results. I am extremely proud to be a part of a company that offers such tremendous care.

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by Aretha Pittman

I’ve visited Dr. Tyger for several injuries, chronic pain, and impingement issues. He goes deep into the tissues to release whatever causes my pain. He is always fun to chat with, as well. Kyle is knowledeable about using therapeutic movements to improve and prevent injuries. Dr. McGowan has treated me once and she got the job done for me.

by Isabel Jones

I did had Plantar Fasciitis (PF) that caused very strong and sharp pain in my ankle to the point to be unable to walk. Went through all traditional treatment with PCP and then with a very qualified Podiatrist. They helped me on the beginning. However, even when using prescribed sole inserts and two treatments with cortisone my problem persisted. Then, I was given the only option of surgery. After a successful back pain treatment, I decided to ask about my PF to Dr. Tyger and it worked wonders. I loved that there are not pharmaceutical prescriptions to be taken, just follow the therapy and have a very few visits. The problem was solved from root, not only my symptoms or partial causes like lack of support to ankle like before. Dr. Tyger g+ show moreave me the therapy that really solved the problem. To avoid coming back I just need to keep with my therapy. When I feel well for long time I stop my therapy and I can go for months without problem, if I feel start coming back I just comeback to my exercises, which I should keep all time, except I get busy and I feeling well. This story has repeated with many of my colleagues. I highly recommended to them and you.

by Karen Jochimsen

I had hip replacement Oct. 2018, I went to regular physical therapy which was helping but not as fast as I’d like. Still limping with back pain and was unable to tie my shoes! Justin discovered my leg was shorter than before and worked on my muscle mass to relieve the tightness which I’m hoping will help with the length. He suggested I use orthopedic lifts which have really helped my back and walk!

by Kathy Puddy

I was referred to Justin several years ago I was in so much pain I could not even lift my arm or use it he completely eliminated the pain and I regained use of my arm since then I have gone back to him with severe back problems with sciatica leg pain once again he helped me eliminate my pain I call him my miracle worker but if you have any kind of pain give him a call. I guarantee you will walk out of there feeling much better.

by Rebecca Meadows

Dr. Tyger got me back on my feet after injuring my knee while running. I had already seen my primary care physician (pain and anti-inflammatory meds) and an orthopedic surgeon (cortisone injection) with very limited improvement. I went to Dr. Tyger with 2 weeks left before a 5K. At the time I saw him, I was still limping badly, in a fair amount of pain, and any walking made the issue worse. Even after 1 treatment, I felt so much better! After 4 treatments, I walked the 5K (running was out of the question) and spent another 5 days at Walt Disney World with almost no discomfort at all. The jury is still out as to whether surgery has been avoided but Dr. Tyger and Airrosti quickly got me to a point where I could fully function with the exce+ show moreption of running and some other leg-intensive exercises. As for the treatment being painful, there were a few moments that were very painful but they only lasted 30-60 seconds at the most. Most of the time, while a lot of pressure was exerted, it was not painful. And that is only part of the treatment. Time is also spent on exercises, stretching and foam rolling, which also contributed to the improvement that I saw. If I have any further soft tissue pain or injuries, Dr. Tyger and Airrosti will be my first call!

by Randall Rafoth

Dr. Tyger was the most helpful doctor I have ever encountered. Came through on all accounts of his stated objectives and helped me in FAR less time than I had imagined. His partner J provided a synergistically beneficial dimension to the treatment as well. The consummate professionals.

by Jen Ranes

Chronic knee pain that I have lived with for years, due to running injuries. Every time I went to the doc for a steroid shot, which I hated, she said, “When are you getting a knee replacement?” When I heard about Airrosti, I was very hopeful and throughout the process have noticed significant improvement in mobility and a huge decrease in pain. Dr. Tyger and Jay have changed how I have looked at exercise and strengthening my muscles. I am so thankful for everything they have done to help me!!!

by Steve Collins

I’m an active runner and triathlete, but over the past several years have battled numerous partial achilles tears and calf muscle problems. As I trained for an approaching race (Capital to Coast 223-mile relay race) my achilles started acting up. With only a few weeks left before the race I was at the point where I could no longer run more than about 1 mile without experiencing sharp pain and having to stop to prevent further injury. It seemed I would have to drop out of the race. I had several sessions with Dr. Tyger and with some trial runs could tell I was getting better. The weekend of the race I ran 3 legs of 9 miles, 6 miles and 6 miles in a 24-hour period with absolutely no pain in my achilles whatsoever. I honestly couldn’t+ show more believe it. Having dealt with these achilles issues for years and having had to drop out of other races because of it, this was truly outstanding. I can’t say enough about how well and how quickly this worked for me.

by Debbie Trebotich

I am 64-years-young and have been a senior athlete for 14 years. During those years I have suffered from back pain, knee pain and elbow pain. I would not let any injury stop me. My first Olympics I was on crutches, had a broken finger in 2012, and in 2014 had a foot cast. Now that I have found Airrosti treatments, I am pain free and still winning medals. Thank you so much from a senior Olympian.

by Meli P.

I hurt my right hip at the beginning of the year exercising and it continued to get worse.  Every morning I wanted to rip my leg off my body.  It felt like knives at my back and hip.  I didn’t know what to do to make the pain go away.  I joined an exercise program where my instructor told me about Airrosti therapy.  I made an appointment that same day due to a cancellation and I am so thankful for the help I received.  I received treatment and I was so happy my hip and back felt so much better.  I was blown away at the miracle that was preformed with the doctor’s treatment, the foam rolling exercises and the ice therapy.  I love how this therapy not only healed my hip and back, but it prevented me from any surgery+ show more.  AMAZING service!  Thank you so much for this healing therapy.    

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