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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:University of Alaska Anchorage

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College (Doctor of Chiropractic) University of Houston Clearlake (Masters Exercise and Health Science)

Hometown:Ketchikan, Alaska

Hobbies:I like to swim, bike and run as well as compete in local triathlons. I competed in my first Half Ironman in 2013. I enjoy cooking and gardening. I also enjoy singing at my local church. I have two children and enjoy spending time with them and my husband.

Interesting Facts:I ran NCAA Division II Track and Field in College at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I am the 27th, 4th generation, Chiropractor in my family.

Awards and Recognitions:Deans List, Omega Psi, Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, and Masters of Science in Exercise and Health Science from University of Houston - Clear Lake.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is an opportunity for me to change people’s lives by making them pain free. No matter if their goal is to be able to lift their grandchild or be able to compete in an Ironman Triathlon, I want to help. Airrosti makes this possible.

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by William Wilson

Outstanding!! I was referred to Natalie Bodziony, DC by my orthopedic surgeon. I had major lower back surgery. She did a great job with the rehab exercises, and made great corrections in my walking posture. I highly recommend Natalie Bodziony for rehabilitation. Thank you!

by Derya Savaser

I was compelled to write a testimonial for Dr. Bodziony because she didn’t just help me heal from two different injuries, she also helped my dad who has been suffering from choric back pain and my best friend who went to various chiropractors and spent tons of money for her neck pain but never got better till she went to Dr. Bodziony. She is VERY good at what she does, her knowledge in her field is exceptional, her communication skills are stellar. She can emphasize and connect with her patients which is a special skill. I was quite skeptical about Airrosti when I visited her the first time. Eight years fast forward, I refer her to all my friends and just took my dad to her. So, this should count for multiple testimonies.

by Gretchen Kuehnel

I experienced a very significant amount of neck pain relief after Airrosti techniques were used on my upper and lateral chest muscles. The at-home exercises work as a follow-up. Of note, I had plantar fascitis resolved about 10 yearrs ago by Airrosti. My experience is that it works quickly, if not immediately, and the results last.

by Tasha Bradley

I sprained my ankle in October 2018 which didn’t heal correctly. The pain radiated up to my hip and then eventually my shoulder. Despite my telling doctors these details and too much money later I was recommended to go see Natalie and let me tell you, she is a magician!!! After feeling crazy and in pain for years to no avail, she instantly knew during my assessment what was wrong and what needed to be done to fix it in 2022. The weight of it all was instantly lifted and was relieved to finally have the answers and a fix. After a few weeks of doing the work, my pain was practically non-existent and my only regret is not going to her MUCH sooner. This goes beyond typical chiropractic work like you would get at The Joint or somewhere of the+ show more sort. You are given the tools without spending tons of money on unnecessary scans or physical therapy through more expensive providers. Natalie changed my life and I will forever be grateful!

by Steven Groce

Was at my wits end trying to get relief in any way possible for back pain. I had been to 3 different ERs with no luck or any answers as to the cause. After I explained the situation to Dr. Bodziony she took the time to explain how we got to where we were and how to fix it. She took the time to explain everything about my treatment and how I should feel post-treatment. Where has this been all my life? Prior to treatment, my pain level was a 7 of 10. After treatment, maybe a 2 at worst. No drugs, no cutting, and no recovery time! I recommend this process of treatment to anyone undecided or on the fence. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thank you Dr Bodziony for your time and effort!

by Jamie Whitsitt

Like all of us, I was doing a lot of sitting at home during the start of the pandemic. I started to feel discomfort then it turned into pain, so bad that I could barely sit. I tried my best to find stretches online, I got multiple massages… Then my massage therapist recommended the Airrosti therapy. Dr. Bodziony identified immediately what my issues were, poor posture, weakness in my hips and legs and back, just by asking questions and watching me sit. I went way too long before pulling the trigger and that’s the only thing that I regret!! The therapy, the specific exercises, the virtual support, and the therapy kit tools gave me what I needed to slowly get relief. Anytime I slacked back on certain exercises I would feel pain, so I k+ show morenew everything was working. So I kept doing what I was supposed to, and in just under a year, I’m just about 100% pain-free. Once injured, this will be a lifelong thing I have to fight. But the tools that I have learned and the experience I’ve gained have motivated me to keep the good cycle of activity, exercise, walking, and mobility as a way of life. Anytime I have a future injury I know exactly who to call. Thank you for everything!!

by Luis Ramirez

Due to my schedule and personal risk tolerance, I decided to try Airrosti’s remote-based physical therapy for a very painful shoulder injury. I was a skeptic at first, but after going through the program with Dr. Bodziony, I felt that I had made the perfect decision. Aside from Airrosti providing the necessary tools/rollers I needed for the program, Dr. Bodziony was always available to answer questions via the online app and support me through the process. On our scheduled calls, Dr. Bodziony would listen to all feedback I shared and then adjust my treatment so that it was 100% customized for my goals. She made the at-home exercises fun and thoughtfully explained how each part of the treatment would benefit the process. This is what re+ show moreally made a difference, the fact that I wasn’t just a number and never felt like I was being rushed during our calls, etc. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bodziony to anyone considering using Airrosti. You won’t regret it!

by Summer Walton

After struggling with chronic pain for over four years- Natalie helped me better understand how to care for my pain issues and gave me hope that I can live a normal life. Natalie is extremely helpful and attentive and gives her patients a thorough education on how to care for their injuries. I have seen Natalie twice and she has helped me both times with a severe back injury. Thanks to Natalie I can now live a more active lifestyle and engage in my life to the fullest!

by Brent McDonald

I have a desk job that requires using a computer all day. Many years of doing this same job have really affected my neck, shoulders, and back. I have tried many, many different types of pain relief (chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture) these methods were a temporary fix. My wife decided to try physical therapy to help me improve my situation to which she located Airrosti and most especially Dr. Bodziony. WOW!!!….amazing results!!! I could not believe how it relieved my pain. Not only was the pain gone but my range of motion had been restored and Dr. Bodziony explained/showed me exercises to strengthen my muscles to keep the pain away. The exercises are so easy and it’s hard to believe that something so simple can make my life pain+ show more-free. Thanks Dr. Bodziony and staff…you are amazing!!!

by Robyn Olschewsky

I was having severe lower back pain and, over a few months, Dr. B helped me stretch and strengthen all of the necessary areas in order to make the pain go away.

by Martin Kevorkian

Amazing care and guidance from Dr. Natalie Bodziony, who provided explanations that I could understand about what was going on, and who taught me how to address my shoulder injury. Tremendous results, with benefits that began immediately and continued until I feel that I am well able to maintain my health, with what I’ve learned. The carefully tailored combination of exercises, from stretching to strength, really works.

by Christine Dunn

The Airrosti program works, after getting injections in my back and not working, I thought, I’ll try this program, as I had nothing to lose. After working with Natalie and figuring out what works, and her hands-on experience, I can honestly say this has worked far better than any injection, and if I ever need them again, she is just a call away!

by Robert Ross

I injured my wrist slowly through many years of over-use with no maintenance whatsoever. It got to the point where I had almost no mobility and a push-up was extremely painful. I went to Dr. Bodziony and within 3 visits, I could do every movement I had been avoiding. Now it’s been over a year since the treatment and I can still do those exercises without pain (as long as I stick to the stretches and exercises prescribed to me). Airrosti will do their job fixing the pain, but it is your job to be consistent with their instructions. If you follow them, you will get the results!

by Michael Kennedy

I had been having pain in my neck and shoulder for the last 5 years. The pain would come and go, but for the past year it came and did not go. I went to a highly recommended sports medicine doctor and he sent me for an MRI. The MRI didn’t reveal much except normal degenerative disks. The doctor refereed me to a specialist for cortisone shots. He told me if the shots didn’t help then I should consider surgery to replace the disks in my neck. I did not receive the cortisone shots, instead I went to see another doctor and they assured me they could fix my pain. They made me pay up front for 30 treatments and refused to run my insurance. I was desperate so I paid the $4000. I would get some relief when I left there, but the pain always retur+ show morened. I was ready to give up and call the first doctor back and schedule the surgery when I came across an add on social media for Airrosti. I watched a video for upper cross syndrome and it sounded like what I was experiencing so I made an appointment. The first treatment I received was very painful and I wasn’t sure if it had helped. I was still in pain, but now I was hurting in other places. Dr.Bodziony had a confidence about her that I respected and my intuition was that she was going to be able to help me so I kept going back. After the fourth treatment and also performing the prescribed physical therapy at home I was starting to feel some lasting relief. The pain was still there, but it was greatly diminished. As weeks went by the pain started to go away completely and the last visit I had with the doctor I was released from her care. It’s been 3 weeks since I seen the doctor and the severe pain and discomfort I was experiencing when I first went there is gone and has not returned. The treatments are painful but worth not having to live in constant chronic pain. Now I can go to work, play with my kids, go fishing and spend quality time with my wife. Before all I wanted to do was sit in my recliner or sleep. I was depressed and wasn’t any fun to be around. Thank you Dr.Bodziony and staff for all your help and professionalism.

by Amy Burnett

I have always heard great things about Airrosti. I recently injured my shoulder and had the chance to find out for myself! The tele visit was the perfect option for me. I was able to visit with Dr. Bodziony and she did a wonderful job of diagnosing the injury and providing me with the perfect rehab program for my shoulder. I would highly recommend Airrosti!

by Genevieve Martinez

I was skeptical at first, being that it was “online”. But the program worked!! Everything my provider talked about made so much sense. The exercises did hurt, but they worked and now I feel much better.

by Mary Ellen

My daughter Sara was plagued with back pain at her 12th rib on her right side for 11 months. Every time she took a breath she felt pain. After seeing 11 different specialists, we were recommended to see an Airrosti practitioner. We made an appointment with Dr. Natalie Bodziony and after being on the table for 5 minutes, Sara was pain-free. We were amazed and so very thankful! She had 75% improvement the first week and it only took two more appointments and she was discharged with 100% improvement. The exercises that she was given were extremely helpful and she has access to the patient portal to refer back to them if needed. Sara also was plagued with TMJ and the $6000 apparatus that needed to be worn 24 hours a day was just not in our b+ show moreudget. We tried Botox, which is still pricy, but after a few rounds of that we wanted to try to see if we could obtain a more permanent fix. Dr. Bodziony fixed her TMJ, as well with only three visits. We are believers!

by Warren Udd

After experiencing repeated injuries, I didn’t realize how bad it was until I worked with Dr. B. Dr. B got me straightened out. Thanks for all of the effort and guidance.

by Carrie Latimer

I was in TERRIBLE pain with my shoulder. I thought I had slept on it wrong, but I needed help. I was able to get the relief I needed, as well as learn the tools to practice to prevent the same problem in the future. I highly recommend Airrosti. I liked the idea of a short turn around in time to get me back to my active lifestyle. I will definitely return to Dr. Bodziony should I need help in the future.

by Leigh Friery

I had been having back and SI joint pain on and off for a few years but this last time was really bad, affecting my work as a pediatric PT and my personal life due to pain. A friend of mine referred me to Airrosti after we were discussing my recent failed attempts at treatment at another clinic and also by trying to heal myself on my own. Dr Bodziony was able to get to the root of my problem w/ releasing the tight muscles and scar tissue using manual therapy and myofascial release. I was having much less pain and improved function w/in 3 treatments and was able to resume on my own w/ a home program provided. It has been about a month, and I am now pain free and walking 4 miles a day and adding more exercise to my home program as I improv+ show moree and get stronger. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone who is having musculoskeletal dysfunction or injury as they are really focused on decreasing your pain and increasing your function so that you can get back to life as soon as possible.

by Maria Garza

The tele-visits were accommodating to my schedule and my provider was easy to work with. She was very informative, explained the process, checked up on me, and quickly replied to my (many) questions. I really liked the easy to follow program on the phone App. Each exercise had descriptive steps with a video on how to perform the exercise. Being able to rate each exercise allowed me (and my provider) to see my progress. It is wonderful to feel better, for my body to ache less and being more flexible. I highly recommend this program! I am very happy with the results and appreciative of my awesome provider!

by Elizabeth Jones

I had severe sharp pain in my left bicep area that was getting worse and worse over 2 months. Turns out I had a torn rotator cuff. I knew that if I went to a traditional physical therapist or doctor, I would be in for a long recovery. I am a golfer, and it was important to me to be able to go play again, as well as live pain free. The first time I saw Dr. Bodziony I could not reach my left arm up to my side further than about 45 degrees with intense pain. To reach around my back (like I was unhooking my bra) was impossible and so painful. After my first appointment, I could reach my arm straight up by my ear, and I could reach the center of my back. It was absolutely amazing. I am not exaggerating on the change. After my second appointme+ show morent I had even more range of motion. So then I tried to play golf again, which unfortunately set me back. But after the third treatment, I was able to continue my recovery. And I have not needed to go in for a fourth treatment, which was what she had anticipated needing in my case. Dr. Bodziony gave me 3 treatments, and she and her assistant gave me exercises to do at home and tips on better posture with golf and at the computer. I highly recommend the treatment for others with pain. I have had 2 daughters and a son-in-law who have had Airrosti treatments for knees, back and ankle. We have all had amazing results. It hurts like heck at the time, but 5 minutes of pain to get those kind of results are so worth it. I definitely would recommend the treatment and Dr. Bodziony.

by Lannie Bluethman

I went to Dr. Natalie Bodziony as a last-ditch effort for relief from chronic pain in multiple joints, which doctors never accurately diagnosed. What I came away with far exceeded any expectation I could have ever imagined. Dr. Bodziony has a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to provide answers and made my care her primary concern. She is understanding, personable, and confident in her ability to achieve lasting results quickly. Her compassion gave me strength, her encouragement gave me hope. One word to describe Dr. Bodziony… amazing!

by Michael Schlei

I came to Airrosti with pain in my lower back and a lack of power during certain workouts. Dr. Natalie Bodziony explained thoroughly where the problems originated, worked with me on turning certain muscles back on and showed me the proper techniques to stretch and strengthen the areas that needed work. After 4 sessions I feel years younger and stronger than I have in a long time. With that, I no longer have to scale back on my workload nor fear that these problems will reoccur just because of my age

by Brian Smith

I started martial arts training in 2011 and added triathlons starting 2013. I remain active in both sports. I had issues with my hips, my right hip in particular. I thought I had addressed the problem with stretching and strength training in the 2012-2014 timeframe. But after I completed my first half marathon in Nov 2015 and then started training for my first half iron-man distance triathlon the issues with my right hip recurred starting in July 2016. I sought advice and treatment from Dr. Natalie Bodziony. Dr. Natalie is well respected within my triathlon club and she has successfully treated my wife, son and daughter. She identified my main, underlying issue in one visit and successfully treated it in 2 visits. During each visit she t+ show moreook the time to answer all my questions. She explained why the stretching and strength training didn’t alleviate the problem years ago like I thought it did. She taught me the proper foam rolling techniques and strength training exercises that are now the key to my home-based injury prevention routine. The base education she provided has enabled me to identify and correct poor bio-mechanics in my swimming, running and martial arts. My injury has been treated and I now have the correct plan for injury prevention and improved performance in martial arts and triathlons. Thank you, Dr. Natalie.

by Shearrhea Stelly

I had been dealing with foot pain for two years now. I have seen podiatrist and rheumatologist over the years; not to mention my family dr who diagnosed me with Gout. The gout may have contributed to the overall pain, but it caused me to walk in a manner differently. I have trained myself to alleviate the pain by walking “funny”. When I got the email from my company being offered treatment from Airrosti, I jumped right on it. After a few visits and homework exercises, my feet has never felt better. I am more active again and I am able to wear my “heels” for dressy occasions again. Dr. Bodziony did follow up calls and emails, walked me through every exercise and provided me with instructions after discharging me. The care and concern adde+ show mored to the treatment regimen making my recovery go faster. Although, I felt wonderful after 2 visits, she wanted to make sure before discharging me that I had no issues, complaints or pain. I will recommend anyone and everyone to give this a try. This should be your first option before seeking elsewhere especially if you want a speedy recovery…