Tips for Avoiding Workout Injuries

No matter your fitness level, all it takes is one bad workout to leave you in pain.  There are some simple things you can do, though, to avoid aches, pains, and strains. Switching up your routine, focusing on keeping proper form, and following each workout with a proper recovery can help keep you pain free and moving.

Revamp Up Your Routine

Many people go to the gym and perform the same moves over and over again. While this may produce the visible results you’re looking for, a repetitive routine can lead to injuries.
By performing the same moves on repeat, the worked muscles get stronger while other less frequently used muscles become weaker. This leads to the stronger muscles having to compensate. Over time, this imbalance can cause muscle fibers to become irritated and inflamed leaving you with cramps, stiffness, and pain.
The easiest way to avoid this muscle imbalance is to reassess and switch up your routine. Make it a goal to work all of your muscle groups, but take it a step further to incorporate different moves. For example, instead of just doing squats, add in lunges, step ups, and leg raises to work multiple muscles in your legs and glutes.
By using a multitude of smaller muscle groups, you’ll not only increase your strength but your stability as well. This increase in stability helps joints stay strong and lessens the likelihood for strains and sprains.

Focus on Correct Form

When starting new exercise programs, the mentality is often “I just have to get through this and finish,” but the finish line isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on.  If your body is straining to perform a move using whatever muscles possible, it can push itself past its limits and leave you sidelined for weeks.
Proper form is extremely important for any workout, but when your body becomes tired, it’s easy to lose focus and slip into bad form. Taking a second to stop and thoroughly reassess your form and focus on using the muscles intended for the move can be all you need to avoid a painful injury.
When you feel your form getting sloppy, take a rest and try again. If you notice your form is still incorrect, try modifying the movement or lightening the weight. You want your body to function properly, without pain, and this takes focus.

Recommit to Recovery

After you’re finished with your workout, it’s understandable to want to call it a day and be done with it. If you do this, however, you’re missing a key part of injury prevention. A proper cool down and recovery session keeps muscles loose and limber helping to avoid painful cramps, stiffness in joints, and sore muscles.
Static stretches help your muscles release tension after working so hard. It’s important to stretch the muscles you worked, as well as big muscle groups like the back and legs.
Adding recovery tools, like the foam roller, to your routine can step it up to the next level. Using a foam roller helps to further release lactic acid buildup and improve flexibility by eliminating adhesions that form during repetitive workouts. By increasing flexibility in your muscles and joints, you greatly reduce your chances of exercise related injuries.
If an injury or stiffness is holding you back in the gym, contact Airrosti. Our providers pinpoint the root of your pain and treat it directly at the source to get you back to doing what you love, fast. We also equip you with the knowledge and tools to help you speed recovery and prevent future injuries.
Don’t let pain slow you down. Switch up your workouts, focus on your form, and resolve to make active recovery a part of our fitness routine.

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