Jimmy Walker

PBA Golfer


Airrosti has been fortunate enough to work with Jimmy Walker and help him rapidly recover from a number of ailments and injuries. In this short video, Jimmy talks about his experience with Airrosti, and why he now believes he has a leg up on his PGA Tour competitors.


Hi, my name is Jimmy Walker. I’m a professional golfer on the PGA tour. Golfing, being a repetitive motion sport, we get a lot of injuries to neck, back, shoulder because we’re always working one side of the body. If you keep overloading one side of the body, you’re going to get some injuries. I’ve had neck problems, back problems, shoulder problems and these are all things I’ve been able to fix with Airrosti’s help really quickly.

You can go in for 30-45 minute sessions, and BAM… you’re fixed! It’s pretty amazing. It’s really amazing actually!

I see lots of golfers going in every week with the same types of injuries. Everybody’s going in with hurt backs, shoulders, and necks. With the help of Airrosti, it’s been amazing… my recovery time is just amazing. I can come in with an injury, walk out 30 minutes later feeling great, and be able to go perform. I started off the year with 3 top ten’s in the first 6 events of the year. I’m sitting in the top 30 on the FedEx Cup list and I attribute a lot of that to feeling good. I felt good from the help that I’ve gotten from Airrosti.

I can’t speak enough about everyone there. The staff is amazing. Everyone is really nice, and I think they really know what they are doing. I don’t think anyone else is doing anything like this, anywhere. I’ve talked to a lot of guys on tour and I don’t think anyone else is getting treatment like this. I feel like I’ve found a diamond in the rough in getting a leg up on the field.