Alexandra Rios, PT, DPT


Became an Airrosti Provider:2017

Undergraduate School:University of Southern California

Graduate School:MGH Institute of Health Professions

Hometown:Portland, OR

Hobbies:I enjoy running, hiking, yoga, baking, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Interesting Facts:Before becoming a physical therapist, I was a high school Chemistry teacher!

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by Craig Milroy

I've received excellent physical therapy from Dr. Rios, and I highly recommend her as a provider for several reasons: (1) She is highly qualified: Dr. Rios got her DPT at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), which is the teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School, so the professors and practitioners there are top-notch, and I really noticed the benefit of all the extra training and experience that accompany the DPT degree. (2) She will identify the root cause and fix the problem: I initially visited Airrosti because I thought I'd injured my hamstring, and several of my soccer teammates recommended Airrosti. Dr. Rios did a thorough evaluation and discovered that the real problem was my hip flexor. She took care of it in two visits, and I ...+ show morenoticed an immediate and profound improvement in my speed, flexibility, and agility. A few weeks later, I sprained my toe pretty badly (gimpy walk and all that!). While she was treating the toe, Dr. Rios discovered that plantar fasciitis and residual scar tissue from an old ankle sprain were exacerbating my toe injury, so she took care of everything...the toe is happy now and I don't need an ankle brace anymore! Based on the awesome treatments I'd received, I consulted Dr. Rios about a C5/C6 neck injury I'd sustained four years ago that was still bothering me. I'd already seen three physical therapists, three doctors, and two chiropractors, and was seriously considering surgery because I really wanted to get off the medication I'd been usin

by Angela Haik

My story started in November of 2017. I came to Dr. Rios after almost 12 months of severe plantar fasciitis. I was getting steroid shots and using a night splint. I tried it all and nothing worked. After four visits with Dr. Rios, I am living with mild pain. I am working the program and doing my home exercises and it is getting better by the day. I just wish I would have gone here first. No more suffering. Thank you so much, Dr. Rios. I can't say enough nice things about her and the practice. An injury is life-consuming and going to Airrosti has me back on the road to recovery.

by Patrick Perez

So, you know that song "Never Gonna Dance Again" by George Michael?? Yeah, that's how I felt! Ha! A dance injury (bone bruise) had put me out of commission for about a year! I was having to tape my foot and go crazy on the tiger balm just to make it through a performance. The injury soon spread to my other side and this is when I went in to see Dr. Rios at Airrosti. She. Was. Brutal. (in a totally good way!!) I had been doctors and therapist for sports injury, but Dr. Rios just jumped right in after seeing what the problem was. The super deep tissue and trigger point treatment helped loosen up my leg...for the first time in months I had some mobility back!!! Dr. Rios showed me some great massage practices and strength training I could do on...+ show more my own. I was able to compete in the Camp Gladiator Games this year and I owe most of that do Dr. Rios!!! The pain is only for a moment...SHE ROCKS!!! Patrick "Pac Man" Perez Dance Performance Artist| Author| Speaker Camp Gladiator Freak

by Jordan Washington

I've had hip pain for several years and I immediately felt relief after one visit with Airrosti. After three visits I have no pain and they equipped me with knowledge and exercises to strengthen those areas so I can be pain free for life! Dr. Rios was attentive, patient, and kind. I always left feeling heard and understood. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how our body works and she has a desire to genuinely help you.

by Daneil Gibson

I went to Airrosti after having some intermittent lower back pain. At the time of my visit, I wasn't in any pain, so I wasn't sure how the treatment would go. Dr. Rios accommodated my crazy early appointment request so that I could avoid missing much work. After a couple tests she was able to pinpoint the cause of my intermittent pain. She not only found out which exact muscles were angry but also determined which muscles we're weaker than normal, and thus causing the angry muscles to overwork. She treated the muscles and educated me on the what/why/how of everything. I went home with homework and have felt great after just one treatment! I feel silly for putting up with pain for so long... Dr. Rios is genuine, awesome, friendly, intelligen...+ show moret, easy to talk to, and communicates well. After just one visit I've referred all of my friends with pain to her.