Casey Miller, DC


Casey Miller, DC

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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Graduate School:National University of Health Sciences

Hometown:Worthington, Ohio

Hobbies:Running, reading, boating, pick-up lacrosse, following Wisconsin sports, and traveling.

Interesting Facts:She studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria

I went to see Dr. Miller for what appeared to be a problem with my left foot and she was able to determine that it was a much larger issue, leading all the way up to not having strength in my hip as well as tightness in my calf muscles. I went to see Dr. Miller because I started to enjoy running and I was having trouble going past four to five miles without extreme foot pain. With the treatments and following the exercises Dr. Miller prescribed, I was able to finish my first Marathon this October. I was able to not only complete the marathon but I was able to train injury free and really enjoy the process.

Wil Matthews

After being in pain for at least a year due to carrying heavy bags and the way I sleep, I finally decided to seek professional help so that I could try to get relief without medication. Dr. Casey was the onsite Airrosti doctor at my place of employment. The difference the first session made was enough to make me complete the recommended 4-6 weeks. After approximately 6 sessions I had full range of motion with only slight discomfort. I was given the tools to continue on working and I have maintained full range of motion and can pick things up pain free. I highly recommend Dr Casey and Airrosti. Her program saved me money and time as well.

Patricia Yancy

I've had chronic neck pain for over 5 years and little effectiveness from just chiropractic adjustments. I became a skeptic that anyone could ever help me, but with just 3 treatments from Dr. Casey Miller, I was able to sleep without waking up every hour and wake up less stiff. She helped me understand my problem was more muscular imbalance than skeletal and the cause was not the neck itself. The exercises she gave me to assist in pain management was a life saver, the exercises are key to keep pain away. I will definitely go back when needed!

Lois Hicks

I had been experiencing lower back pain for over two weeks. I could not even bend over to brush my teeth without pain. Airrosti held a preventing back pain seminar at my job which I attended. Dr. Miller asked if anyone was having pain now. I stated that I was and she gave me her card. I made an appointment with her that same week. She did assess my back pain and formulated a treatment plan. Although the treatment was painful, it was worth it to relieve the debilitating back pain. I noticed marked improvement after the first visit.I saw Dr. Miller 3 times and I feel great!!! I will continue to do my roller exercises and floor stretches. I would so recommend Dr. Miller to anyone !!!

Karol Townsend

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