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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:Pennsylvania State University

Graduate School:Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown:West Orange, NJ

Hobbies:I keep an active lifestyle whether it be working out or hiking the local trails. I have found a new love for OCRs (obstacle course races) am always looking forward to my next race. I am also an avid sports fan!

Interesting Facts:Outside the office, you can usually find me with my 4-legged friend Luke. He's an 8 year old rescue mutt who is pretty much my shadow. He's pretty awesome!

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by Daniel Gall

I’ve suffered from chronic daily migraines for years, along with shoulder pain, and in the last year and a half, debilitating non-pain symptoms. Dr. Miller’s treatments and exercises were helpful even when I was at my worst. In my case, Dr. Miller’s treatments weren’t directly determinative of my recovery: that took drastic self manipulation of my c1 which is loose enough to wiggle and retract. Dr. Miller has supported me through this and provided excellent care and support with other doctors, including his excellent consult notes which other doctors have commented on. He has been essential in my voyage of craniocervical instability discovery.

by Carlie Tunon

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Miller who treated me. I suffer from an old childhood injury from when I was in dance. I dislocated my right hip by going in the splits. I did not get to go though extensive rehab because the health care team though I was young enough that the ligaments and muscles would heal themselves. I have gone 19 years living with the pain in my hip, Ive seen doctors on top of doctors who refused to get an X ray to see what was going on in the hip, Ive been to physical therapy, been prescribed 800mg Motrin 3 times a day and Neproxin (Advil) three times a day, Ive had doctors even give me exercises to do and send me home. Nothing helped! As a child I also suffered from lower back pain and id see a chiropractor + show morewho realigned me all the time and popped the damaged hip to be even. Still, nothing fixed the pain or explained what was going on. My last hope was Airrosti, who came to my crossfit box for free consultations. Since ive been living with the pain, i workout hard on it and just ignored it but still was wanting to know what was happening. I spent an hour my firs visit talking with Dr. Miller and he explained to me what was happening, even before he palpated (touched) the hip and areas around it to see what was happening. He explained in great detail about what he suspected was going on, how we are going to treat it and my expectations. I am a nurse, but he still explained everything in great detail as if I had no idea about the human body to make sure I understood exactly what was going on. He always asked me if I had any questions and concerns and addressed them before the visit was over I went through 4 appt. with him and after the first visit, I have never felt such relief from the hip pain in the 19 years I suffered from it. What I loved was Dr. miller worked through the scar tissue but sent me home with stretches and simple strength exercises to do at home to keep my progress moving forward. He even made sure I understood the stretches and the treatment plan before I left the appt. During the appts, I will not lie it was painful because the amount of scar tissue I had built up in my hip. But Dr. miller constantly asked me how I was doing, and when I felt dizzy or it hurt to much he’d give me a break and/or lightened up on the pressure. There was even one point I had a question during the home routine and he got back to me with in that same day. Usually you wait days for your Dr. to reply to you. Over all, after my 4th appt, I graduated from their program but Dr miller is still checking up on me to make sure I am not having new pain and I am progressing. He was able to help me with this him pain and problem in less then a month with out surgery, needles, or even medications. I am so relieve and happy with the experience and I am truly happy I found Airrosti, because my next step was surgery. Dr. miller has kept me from having to have surgery at the age of 27. I highly recommend him and the whole Airrosti practice.