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Became an Airrosti Provider:2016

Undergraduate School:Northern IL for BS, Northeastern IL for MS, University of Arizona for Pre-med

Graduate School:Los Angeles College of Chiropractic now Southern California University of Health sciences in 2004

Hometown:Palatine, IL

Hobbies:Run, bike, swim, lift weights, yoga, read, travel, foodie.

Interesting Facts:I am an triathlete and placed top 3 in every race I have completed.

Professional Affiliations:ICPA

What Airrosti Means to Me:To me Airrosti is at the forefront of where musculoskeletal injuries are going. Being a part of a corporation that is patient-centered in its approach to helping and healing patients! I am extremely happy to be a part of this amazing team! I am looking forward to my bright future and the amazing opportunity Airrosti has given me. I see myself growing professionally and personally in always striving to impact my patient’s lives by decreasing their pain, improving range of motion and getting them back to doing the things they love without pain!

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by Todd Burgener

Dr. Laurie Buob was the best!! I had a recurring ankle injury that I always just dealt with by staying off it for a few weeks only to fall victim again of it getting injured. Finally, I reached out to Dr. Buob, spend 2 weeks with her, did the homework, about 5-6 sessions worth and was back on the pitch in 2 weeks when typically that injury takes months!! I’m now a believer! Thank you Dr. Buob for the magic touch, hopefully, I don’t see you again soon but if needed I won’t hesitate!! Worth every penny and bit of time and effort!! Todd

by Sonya Manson

Laurie is a very knowledgeable Airrosti provider. She is very educated in the human body and how it performs. She tries to find the “root” of the problem to try and treat the injury. She does everything that she can to preserve your current fitness program while rehabilitating your injury. I have come to her with 3 injuries in a span of 10 years and she always helps me so much. I always feel very confident referring her too injured friends or people that I coach, as well. They always give me good feedback regarding her care. I highly recommend trying Laurie for your injury treatment.

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