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Became an Airrosti Provider:2021

Undergraduate School:University of Houston

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:San Antonio

Hobbies:I enjoy being active outdoors either running, hiking with my wife and dog, or playing golf. I am a big sports fan and I love spending time with my wife and dog and am always a fan of some good barbeque.

Interesting Facts:I am named after Marshall University- the "We are Marshall" movie. My parents met there and my dad is a 5th generation history teacher to graduate from there so I carry on the name!

Awards and Recognitions:Clinic Excellence Award

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti to me means a team of people working together to make a positive impact on people by helping them live their lives pain free doing what they love.

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by Jeffrey Delaney

I experienced a leg injury which resulted in what I would describe as severe leg spasms and muscle pain, which significantly affected my ability to stand for any significant amount of time and get any quality sleep. A day or so after my 1st session, I noticed a significant difference in my quality of sleep and tolerance with standing, and was able to walk longer distances. After about a month, I no longer have the symptoms of my injury and would strongly recommend Airrosti. Thank you, Dr. Anderson and Brandon!

by Sara Belmontes

Dr. Anderson helped with a shoulder issue. He is very professional, patient, and a good listener. Thanks to him and the physical therapist my shoulder pain is gone.

by Morgan Zachmeyer

I dealt with ankle/heel pain for a while, managing my pain with a brace and reduced activity. I went to Airrosti Alamo Ranch and found out it was a calf injury impacting the other areas of my leg, and Dr. Lakin and Anderson worked on my leg as such. After each visit, and individually using the exact instructions on my portal (icing, foam roller, taping, and exercises), I saw improvement each time I completed the day’s requirements, and these exceeded my expectations. I only needed to attend three visits, and am fully equipped with exercises moving forward (to continue recovery and if pain arises again). The system really does work if it is properly utilized, and I am endlessly grateful to the chiropractic and physical therapy staff!

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by Aislynn Trubee

We live in Georgetown and had our first experience with Airrosti last week when my 12-year-old daughter strained an inner thigh muscle. The original doctor, Dr. Wall, saw her on the first 2 visits and we agreed to see Dr. Anderson on the 3rd visit as Dr. Wall was taking time off. Dr. Anderson was fantastic! We would highly recommend him and would see him again for any concerns in a heartbeat! He was thorough, so kind, and did an exceptional job of making my daughter feel comfortable during her treatment. Dr. Anderson – Thank you so much!