Robert Friendt, DC


Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:University of Minnesota

Graduate School:Texas Chiropractic College

Hometown:Ogden, Utah

Hobbies:Spending time with family, exercising, reading books and playing boardgames.

Interesting Facts:I was a Collegiate Decathlete and Pole Vaulter.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti gives me the opportunity to be focused solely on my patient’s care and well-being, while guiding them through an efficient and effective treatment plan that will get them on the road to recovery.

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by Richard Tapia

I've gone to Airrosti for a number of things, ranging from minor weekend warrior aches and pains to severe back issues that I never could get solved. Dr. Friendt and the team were great at discussing the issue I was having and working with me on a treatment plan that worked for me and my lifestyle. I always recommend Airrosti to anyone needing help rehabbing any kind of injury. They're great people who produce great results!

by Veronique Vaillancourt

Dr. Friendt is literally the best Doctor of Chiropractics I have ever worked with. That's saying a lot since I have seen many of them with mixed results and am turning 50 this year. I have recurring shoulder, and neck pain related to posture. After one or two sessions he has me feeling so much better and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have referred countless people to him, and consider him a friend. Not only is he an incredibly talented and knowledgeable DC, but he also is a fabulous human being, and he really cares about his patients and always goes above and beyond. He is adored by all his clients. All I can say that if you are suffering from pain and you want to go see a DC, go see him ASAP. Not only will it help your pain, but ...+ show morehe will lift your spirit too.

by Martin Luke

Dr. Friendt is a fantastic and down-to-earth provider. Visits with him are always pleasant and effective at helping to address my concerns. He is very knowledgeable as he has always helped me understand the root causes of my pains in easy-to-understand ways. Also, he looks a lot like Bradley Cooper, which I'm sure the ladies love.

by Cameron Gallagher

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Friendt and the team at Airrosti. I was treated for a frozen shoulder after 6 weeks of physical therapy that I was not finding helpful. Dr. Friendt and his deep tissue techniques were the only things that helped my shoulder regain motion. I am a huge supporter of Airrosti and I am a physical therapist!! The taping techniques Megan used allowed me to return to the tennis court with a significant decrease in pain. Dr. Friendt also treated me for piriformis syndrome and in only three treatments I felt so much relief. Dr. Friendt is so professional, caring, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Wishing him the best of luck in his new practice in Spokane, but he will be missed here in Houston! If you are experiencing ...+ show morejoint pain, go see Dr. Friendt and you will be in the best of hands!

by Julie Wood

Many thanks to Dr. Friendt for the successful treatments, but even more for educating me on how to identify root causes and better treat myself. I've been able to self-correct issues with my IT bands and hip flexors on an ongoing basis thanks to him and the physical therapy exercises prescribed. I wish I'd gone to him sooner!

by Steven Scales

Dr. Friendt was the first chiropractor I ever visited, and he accurately diagnosed and treated a very bad case of acute Achilles Tendonitis. His calm and soothing demeanor helped me relax as he treated my injury. He also tells great stories! I remember being fascinated after I learned about his background. I had never met a former mortician before! Overall, Dr. Friendt was patient, kind, incredibly professional, and a joy to work with. His assistant was also amazing!

by Paige Jenkins

I went to see Dr. Friendt after countless times in the ER and other doctors office and Chiropractors etc. My PCP referred me to Dr. James Moore, I'm so happy with him I had 3 appointments for my neck and I was in so much pain with my neck nothing was working not even pain medications. 1 visit with Dr. Friendt and i was better 100 % had so many other concerns with family that I never made my other 2 appointments and haven't had any neck problems. I love that they don't require you to continually come back and he has magic hands. I will see no one else for pain but Dr. Friendt. I love him and Ashley is great as well. Only place to be!

by Sophia Johnson 

My daughter is a volleyball player and once a year for the last two years she will experience pain in her shin and we will not see anyone else except Dr. Friendt. Wonderful person, great demeanor and knows what he is doing. I never want my daughter to experience pain but when she does Airrosti is the first place we go and to Dr. Friendt.

by David Alviar

Though I have never had the chance to visit an Airrosti provider, I have participated in two of their mobility seminars provided by Rob Friendt. They were excellent, providing me a solid basis to maintain my body through rigorous trading for the Atlantic row with American Oarsmen.

by Anne McHenry

After pain, surgery, and still pain, I turned to AIRROSTI on advice of my insurance company. After several visit, I was moving again with little to no pain. They worked with me on exercises to increase mobility, balance, and much so that I was able to take a two week group tour through Italy. The pain is gone and my mobility is continuing to improve as I do my home exercises. I am so grateful to Dr. Friendt and his assistant Ashley for giving me my life back.

by Asa Basco

I experienced an injury to my low back while lifting weights. I was referred to Dr. Friendt by one of my friends. I thought that there was no way I was going to be alright. After 3 appointments with Dr. Friendt not only did I feel almost 100% better, the very next week I went on to take 2nd place in the 77kg class in the Texas State Weightlifting meet! Airrosti is a remarkable form of injury treatment and I am thankful to have had such great care and support!

by Pamela Kramer

Dr. Friendt is fantastic and I recommend him constantly. The concept of 3 visits vs. seeking adjustments and therapy 3 times a week for months at other places is a time and money saver! He gives full explanations of: What is going on with your body How he's going to treat the problem And what form of rehab you can do to keep the problem from persisting. As a coach I take what I learn to help others because seeing Dr. Friendt is always an educational experience. I personally love that he corresponds through texts. I can ask questions, get reminders, or let him know who I recommended to come see him. My husband, hair dresser, esthetician and several members from our gym have gone to see him with great feedback and results!

by David Guerra

I lost an eye due to a BB gun accident. I was 9 years old. Since then I have always had pain and stiffness in my neck. I am 60 years old now. My son referred me to this treatment, Airrosti. It works for me. I am pain free.

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