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Became an Airrosti Provider:2014

Graduate School:Cleveland Chiropractic College

Hometown:San Diego, Ca

Hobbies:working out, crossfit, running, golf, soccer, outdoors, hunting fishing, wakeboarding, surfing

Interesting Facts:have run several marathons, played soccer in college and professionally

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by Scherry Oliver

After seeing a podiatrist & an orthopedist in sports medicine, I tried various methods to stop the pain from plantar fasciitis. Methods included 3 injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, oral steroids, physical therapy, fracture boot for 3 weeks, compression sleeve, stretching exercises & ice. I was still unable to walk for exercise without pain. I had almost given up until Airrosti was recommended to me. In 3 treatments I am now walking again for exercise, pain free.

by Kevin Baker

After finishing the California International Marathon with both a personal record and Boston Qualifier time of 3:06 in my mid-40s, I had a slight muscle injury. Even a week after the marathon I had difficulty walking right and could not run at all. After the first treatment by Dr. Travis Moore in Magnolia TX I felt miraculously better! The pain disappeared and the next day I was able to run again. I required another appointment after that and again felt better again. Also thanks to Brooke and a targeted exercise program to continue to release pressure and strengthen necessary systems. After 2 appointments I am nearly back to 100%, continuing to use the recommended Airrosti exercise to avoid future injury and stay at a top-level as an ath+ show morelete. My only wish is I went to Airrosti sooner after the injury! they are highly recommended!

by Ian McPhail

I have been in some form of occupational therapy for over six years. In that time, I have had four surgeries on each arm and gone through rehabilitation through the surgeon’s office each time. I have found most of my therapists and doctors to be kind and helpful, so please do not think I am knocking any other program or person. Airrosti has helped me the most. There is an MD who works in the affiliated area and an OT/PT for the exercises. The regiment changes each hour-long session, and changes based on what hurts and how. It’s different from the half dozen other therapists I’ve seen, and I am so thankful my surgeon recommended me after the PT in his clinic didn’t fix me. I’m not all the way better. I may always be disabled. Bu+ show moret I wrote a book this year, and I can now play piano and guitar again. Before I started at Airrosti, I would have had to write even this short review with a talk-to-text program. I can’t say enough about the staff at the Magnolia branch who’s helped me get to this point. I would recommend the therapy to anyone, especially those who have dealt with persistent pain. My most sincere thank you to Dr. Moore, Brooke, and Josh for giving me these pieces of my life back.

by Rick Bowers

I stick to a fairly rigorous workout routine and I love it – but was brought to an abrupt stop when I began experiencing pain in my neck, shoulder, and trap. Although AIRROSTI had solved some muscle issues for me before, I was doubtful about the neck issue I was experiencing – but went anyway. After following Dr. Moore and Rachel’s instruction – I’ve made a full recovery. He even talked me through some lifting form corrections to help eliminate the problem in the future and to make my lifts more efficient. I’d recommend Dr. Moore to anyone with any injury – any day.

by Chassity Braud

After experiencing upper back pain for 2 years due to a golf injury I decided to visit an airrosti provider. Thankfully Dr. Moore was able to alleviate my pain in 3 visits. I would recommend Dr. Moore to my family and friends, as he was accommodating to my schedule and easy to communicate with.

by Gayla Ramos

Over a year ago this month I got cocky during a workout and decided that I was able to handle a front squat weight that I was not ready for. Needless to say my last round of front squats I ended up hurting my back. The next time I went in to work out we have 65lb thrusters, and 65 is light to me, but I couldn’t even do the movement to get it to my shoulders. I had to start all over-deadlifting with a kettle bell off of a box and not using any weights over 55 whatsoever. I started seeing a Chiropractor 3X a week. I was feeling a little better, so I moved to 2X. And just because I was tired of missing work and not for pain relief, I lied and said I am fine we can move to 1X a week. It was not fine. I was still compensating when I worked my+ show more weights back up and I was signed up for Bring the Heat. I was not prepared for the 75lbs front squat at all and don’t even get me started on the clean ladder. I ended up lifting 125lbs up on one leg because my lower back hurt so bad. That is when I decided to go make an appointment with Airrosti and it was the best decision I ever made. Travis Moore treated me there one time before the WOD with the 75lb front squats and I felt amazing. I saw him 3 more times during the competition and I felt like I made more progress over that weekend than I did going to a chiropractor for the past 10 months. I got his card and made my first appointment. Everything that I was told by another doctor was wrong. Everything effort they made to make me better was wrong. I felt like a routine at the other place-like he had seen it before but doing the same things week after week did nothing for me or my performance. He actually told me to stop doing certain things and I was not having that at all. Dr. Travis Moore listened to me (even though I am sure I make no sense most of the time), actually understood, took time to find the problem and then took the steps to make me better. My first competition after that I noticed that my back did not hurt once and there was a 95lb thruster. I am a forever client of Dr. Moore and if (hoping not) I ever have an injury in the future he will be the first person I contact!

by Andrea

I met Travis at the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Regionals in Fairfax Virginia. Going into regionals, I had extreme pain in my left arm after gripping overhead (muscle ups and rope climbs). After going to see Travis, my pain had significantly decreased after both events including ropes and muscle ups. Not only did he make me feel better physically, he explained to me what he was doing and how Airrosti methods were different. I was able to make an appointment with him both days and it was important to me to have the same doctor throughout the event (and only have to explain my issues once). Even though some of the work that has to be done to get your body moving right, is a bit uncomfortable, his pleasant bed side manner made it more bearable. T+ show morehe team of doctors there were knowledgeable and professional. It was great to have a team on site to help with the athletes from morning until night, especially with the amount of high intensity workouts that were performed throughout the weekend.

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