6 Ways to Avoid Workout-Related Pain

Avoiding Workout Pain

We have all experienced pain after a workout at one point or another. Whether it’s a stiff muscle, a sore joint, or an ache deep in your bones, workout pain can usually be fixed in a few easy steps without a lot of hassle. Here are six quick ways to relieve your workout pain.

1. Stretch

The simplest way to relieve workout pain starts before your workout begins. Stretching before a workout warms up muscles and gets them ready for what’s to come. Stretching after a workout, however, is just as important.
Once you finish your exercises, you should go into a ‘cool down period’ for five to ten minutes. During this time, control your breathing and perform some simple stretches to prevent your muscles from potential delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

2. Cool it down

There are conflicting opinions on heat’s effects on muscle soreness. Some say that heat relaxes the muscles and provides a soothing sensation, while others state that heat actually increases inflammation, the root cause of muscle soreness.
The benefits of ice, however, are unanimous. So instead of heat, grab an ice pack and cool down the affected area. This will not only keep inflammation from getting any worse but also reduce any inflammation you may already have.

 3. Fuel Up

Foods that are heavily processed, fried, or heavy in refined sugar and flour may not give you the energy and combination of vitamins your body needs to stay strong. Foods that are rich in many essential nutrients, like vitamins C and D, calcium, and iron will take you much further and help you recover better. These nutrients can be found in many foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Try changing up your diet if you’ve been experiencing pain or fatigue during or after exercise. Switches to your diet can be an easy fix that has a huge impact on your overall health.

4. Slow and steady

A lot of workout-related pain, both during and after, can be caused by overexertion. Most of the time we think we’re in better shape than we truly are.
One of the best pieces of advice for avoiding pain during and after a workout is to not overdo it. Listen to your body. Take the time to assess your body’s ability, and make sure you are familiar with your limits. This will keep you from pushing yourself too hard and will help you avoid injury down the road.

5. Get a massage

Massages are wonderful for relaxation, but they’re especially effective at treating aching muscles. After extensive use, many muscles can tighten and become extremely stiff. A trained massage therapist can help relieve stress and relax tight, aching muscles.
You can even massage yourself. Try rolling out the affected area using a foam roller or lacrosse ball and icing it on and off for about fifteen minutes at a time.

6. Make an appointment at Airrosti

Sometimes, pain just doesn’t go away. You try anything and everything, but nothing seems to provide relief. This usually means that the root of your workout pain is something more severe.
That’s where Airrosti comes in. Our providers take time to understand and evaluate your pain and provide an accurate diagnosis. Then, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan consisting of manual therapy and active rehab exercises. These things combined help to eliminate your pain quickly so that you can get back to doing what you love.
At the first sign of pain, give us a call or schedule an appointment online with your neighborhood Airrosti location.

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