Injury Spotlight: Tendonitis Treatment

This swelling of the tendons (known as tendonitis) is a fairly common problem, causing loss of work for more than 70,000 people per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The symptoms include pain, swelling and redness.

Common Types of Tendonitis

Tendonitis symptoms may range from a mild pain or irritation to severe pain and discomfort. As tendonitis develops in an area, the symptoms get worse. The severity of the tendonitis symptoms is a good indicator of how serious the tendonitis has become.

Tendonitis Warning Signs

Here are 4 tendonitis warning signs that you should look out for to catch the problem early:

  1. Pain, stiffness and swelling in the affected area
  2. Restricted movement without pain
  3. The pain is usually worse at night and in the morning
  4. Pain during and after movements of the affected area

Tendonitis Prevention

To help prevent swelling or reduce the number of flares, you can do the following things:

  1. Warm up/stretch before exercise
  2. Strengthen the muscles around the joint with focused exercises
  3. Take frequent breaks from repetitive tasks, such as typing
  4. Cushion the affected joint with foam (knee pads, elbow pads)
  5. Increase the gripping surface on tools by using gloves, grip tape, or other padding
  6. Don’t sit still for long periods
  7. Practice good posture
  8. Begin new activities or exercises slowly
  9. If you have a history of tendonitis, consider talking to your doctor before starting a new exercise

Airrosti Tendonitis Treatment

The Providers at Airrosti take a different approach to treating tendonitis than just the conventional rest, ice and anti-inflammatory method. Airrosti’s approach is less about reducing the inflammation and more about identifying the cause of the pain to permanently resolve the issue. The Airrosti Certified Providers look for tightness in the connective tissue that may be causing disfunction or abnormal motion. This tightness can in turn cause you to have  that inflammation.
To relieve the pain quickly, the Airrosti Providers diagnose the injury and then use their hands-on method to get in there and work out the tightened tissue to restore you body back to normal. Once your body is back to it’s original function and everything moves like it’s supposed to, your body then heals very quickly.

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