Brenda Reynolds

Brenda Reynolds

Vice President
Human Resources
HIPAA Compliance Officer

Brenda joined the Airrosti team in 2007 and has been a key contributor to their growth. She manages all aspects of human resources, risk management, provider credentialing and HIPAA compliance.

Prior to joining Airrosti Brenda was the human resources executive for several telecommunications companies including EUR Systems, Billing Concepts and US Long Distance. She also spent several years doing merger and acquisition work for Platinum Equity, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles.

Brenda is an avid CrossFitter and a novice triathlete. She also loves to read and enjoys cooking with her husband. Originally from Austin, she and her husband now live in Garden Ridge, Texas.

Since we do not share specific details of the treatment model during the interview process the new Providers join us basically trusting that our treatment model really is as amazing as we claim. My favorite moment is when they finally get to see the Airrosti treatment model in action and witness the results firsthand. I love to see their excitement when they tell the story of treating their first Airrosti patient and having such a huge impact in just one visit. Without fail every one of them tells me that it really is the most amazing treatment model they have ever seen and the extensive interview process was worth every second.

There are two bests for me:

Hearing the testimonials from so many patients and knowing that Airrosti has changed their lives for the better. So many patients have been in pain for years and thought they would never have relief, and to hear (and see!) the difference that Airrosti has made in their lives is extremely rewarding.

Working alongside such passionate and dedicated professionals and having so much fun doing it.

WHAT’S YOUR GOAL IN LIFE? To make a positive difference.

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