Jamie Kimball

Jamie Kimball

Jamie Kimball

Senior Vice President
Business Development

Originally hired as one of Airrosti’s first Client Relations Consultants in 2007, Jamie now serves as the Managing Vice President of Business Development. During her time at Airrosti, she has served in several roles including Director of Network Development, Director of Business Development, and Director of Marketing. As head of Business Development, she is dedicated to educating and engaging Airrosti’s many partners (and the world) on Airrosti’s remarkable solution for soft tissue injuries and chronic pain, including employers, brokers / consultants, physicians, the medical community at large, CrossFitters and anyone who will listen. Jamie works closely with our business development teams in Airrosti’s core market (TX) as well as our emerging markets (WA, IL, OH and VA). In this role, Jamie is dedicated to Airrosti’s overall growth and expansion.

Prior to joining Airrosti, Jamie taught English in Japan for two years and gained invaluable knowledge and experience educating others abroad.

Jamie received a B.S. in Business (Marketing) and Art History from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. She also thinks Trinity is the greatest school in Texas.

Jamie has two wonderful little ones, Cameron and Kannon, and is an avid CrossFitter, thanks to her husband, Wes.

To be able to walk into a grocery store, a football stadium, or a business meeting and anyone I encounter will have heard about Airrosti. And, not just heard about it like, “Yay, I know that Airrosti treatment thing” but instead, “Yes, it saved my neighbor/best friend/husband/daughter from living with pain!”

Co-planning & chairing Airrosti’s Annual Summit Meeting in 2009. Bringing treatment teams and staff from all across Texas to San Antonio for one weekend was like reuniting with your family at Thanksgiving. So much warmth, camaraderie, fun, and beat-boxing (yes, beat-boxing) in one room was inexplicably awesome. This tradition lives on and Airrosti continues to host an annual Summit each and every year in San Antonio!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” — Gandhi

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