headshot of shawn dinsmore with hallway background

Shawn Dinsmore

Vice President, Practice Operations

Shawn Dinsmore joined Airrosti in April 2007. Mr. Dinsmore has overall responsibility for all the numbers stuff: everything from financial projections into the future to account for the company growth plan, to corporate taxes, accounts receivable/payable, quarterly and annual financial reporting, reviews and audits. Mr. Dinsmore also has oversight of company contracting, IT, legal, corporate office administration, vendor management, supply logistics, the CrossFit partnership and the company relationship with our wounded warrior non-profit: Rapid Recovery for Heroes.


Prior to joining the Airrosti team, Mr. Dinsmore spent two years as a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, a premier global management consulting firm. While with BCG, Mr. Dinsmore worked with multiple Fortune 200 companies, assessing problems and developing action plans to overcome challenges.


Mr. Dinsmore also spent seven years serving in the US Army as a logistics officer and Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot. While serving in the military, Mr. Dinsmore spent time overseas in Korea and Bosnia and finished his career with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.


Mr. Dinsmore and his wife Taira have four young boys, are active in their neighborhood church, and as a family enjoy all outdoor activities. Some of their favorites are skiing, golf, soccer and lacrosse. Mostly they simply enjoy spending time together as a family. Shawn and Taira are also avid CrossFitters.


Mr. Dinsmore has a BS in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


The best part of working at Airrosti is being able to be involved in a company that not only fosters a great culture and work environment, but also makes a real, lasting difference in people’s lives. Every day I get testimonials from patients that had given up hope in their search for relief from pain they were living with. We fix most of them and knowing that I played a part, however small, in making that happen is a pretty cool thing.


As a husband and father of four boys, anyone with kids will know that I don’t have a whole lot of time for lots of personal passions outside of work. But that’s ok because my family is my biggest passion. I have been blessed with a really cool and supportive wife and four great kids. We always seem to have some fun family activity that we are gearing up for, doing or recovering from. Beyond that, I’m pretty passionate about CrossFit. I haven’t found anything else better for keeping me healthy so I can be around as long as possible for my kids.


I would like to take a stock car around a track at 200+ MPH at some point. I’m not a huge fan of NASCAR or anything, just think it would be a rush to drive that fast. I would also like to take my family to Australia someday as well as go on an African safari.