Jeff Littmann

Jeff Littmann

Senior Vice President
Practice Operations

Jeff has over 20 years experience in operational and clinical management as well as caring for patients. He graduated from Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri with a bachelors of science in Physical Therapy. Prior to joining Airrosti in March 2008, Jeff served as vice president of operations for Diabetes America, Inc. based in Houston, Texas. Prior to this, he was president of TIRR Rehabilitation Centers (TRC), a network of outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation facilities located in Southeast Texas. He served TRC for 14 years in various capacities by overseeing operational responsibilities as well as the coordination of all outpatient centers, hospital management contracts, and developing relationships with physician groups.

Jeff was introduced to Airrosti during his time at TRC and became intrigued by the unprecedented recovery time and enthusiastic patient testimonials. He embraced the opportunity to join Airrosti and be part of a growing organization that provides proven rehabilitation results. He loves witnessing the amazing recovery the Airrosti patients experience and knowing he is a part of helping people have the best Airrosti Experience possible.

Jeff and his wife, Marika, enjoy appropriately cheering at their children’s sporting and school events. When not at work Jeff enjoys playing ice hockey, riding roller coasters with his daughter, building amazing LEGO vehicles with his son, and gets an occasional round of golf in.

WHAT’S THE BEST PART OF WORKING AT AIRROSTI? I love the passion my co-workers display about the results our providers achieve and how everyone gets excited about their role in making Airrosti work as an organization to help more patients.

WHAT OR WHO INSPIRES YOU? Our Airrosti providers, because all of my clinical career as a physical therapist I wanted to fix people’s injuries and did not see anywhere near the results our Airrosti providers make happen every day.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU’D LIKE TO DO BUT HAVEN’T? Cage dive with Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa and be face-to-face with my greatest fear.

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