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Since opening our doors in 2017, Airrosti Stone Oak has been working to improve the lives of our patients in Stone Oak and the surrounding areas, providing safe and effective, long-term pain and injury resolution.

Frequently found to be a viable alternative to surgery, Airrosti Stone Oak may help you avoid painful, expensive, unnecessary treatments and procedures. We also have a proven track record of helping patients significantly reduce or eliminate the need for prescription pain killers and long-term pain management plans.

With 5-star reviews on Facebook and Yelp, you can trust Airrosti Stone Oak to help with everything from shoulder to back and knee pain, as well as injuries, including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, pulls, and more.

Our hands-on musculoskeletal treatment has been demonstrated to accurately diagnose and rapidly resolve the source of most pain and injuries, helping patients return to pain-free activity as quickly as possible. Most patients report complete injury resolution in an average of three visits. (Based on patient-reported outcomes)

We encourage you to schedule your worry-free first appointment at your earliest convenience, and we at Airrosti Stone Oak look forward to helping you quickly get back to enjoying life pain free.


What Our Patients Are Saying:

I was introduced to Airrosti through my CrossFit coach. I had a nagging sciatica pain that had existed in my right glute for months prior to even starting CrossFit. I gave Airrosti a try, and in doing so not only did they successfully treat my injury within three treatments, but also I learned a great deal about how muscles and fascia work. I also learned how to take care of myself to prevent future injuries. Since that initial visit, the team has helped me through four separate soft tissue injuries, including hamstring, lats, and rotator cuff. All of which were successfully treated, and they got me back on track very quickly to keep up with my training. Most recently I pulled a lat doing pullups two weeks before a competition. They squared me away within one week, and I placed 5th in that competition. Much love for Airrosti. – Benjamin E.

Before visiting Airrosti I was trying to run through hamstring pain. My goal is to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. I was devastated to have dropped out of 2 marathons a month apart from each other before being diagnosed with a hamstring tear, tendonitis, and bone bruising. I started visiting Airrosti on a weekly basis and after 5 weeks of running, I ran a marathon completely pain-free. I’ll continue visiting Airrosti keep me pain-free as I attempt to run the qualifying time in a few short months. Thank you for rehabbing me and the continued care!!!! – Heather Oliva

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