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Since opening our doors, Airrosti West Fort Worth has been working to improve the lives of our patients in west Fort Worth and the surrounding neighborhoods, providing safe and effective, long-term pain and injury resolution.

With 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, you can trust Airrosti West Fort Worth to help with everything from shoulder to back and knee pain, as well as injuries, including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, pulls, and more.

Frequently found to be a viable alternative to surgery, Airrosti West Fort Worth may help you avoid painful, expensive, unnecessary treatments and procedures. We also have a proven track record of helping patients significantly reduce or eliminate the need for prescription pain killers and long-term pain management plans.

Our hands-on musculoskeletal treatment has been demonstrated to accurately diagnose and rapidly resolve the source of most pain and injuries, helping patients return to pain-free activity as quickly as possible. Most patients report complete injury resolution in an average of three visits. (Based on patient-reported outcomes)

We encourage you to schedule your worry-free first appointment at your earliest convenience, and we at Airrosti West Fort Worth look forward to helping you quickly get back to enjoying life pain free.


What Our Patients Are Saying: 

I had 2 shoulder surgeries, the second being more complicated…torn rotator cuff, slap tear, and torn tricep. I was in traditional PT for over 8 months and still had limited use of my shoulder, limited range of motion. I had to have help to do normal, daily tasks, I pretty much had given up hope, then I visited Chad Meriwether with Airrosti. It was intense…but Chad thoroughly explained everything he did, down to each tendon and muscle group and it’s function. The follow-ups after each session with Lindsey insured that I was doing my homework correctly. Perfect teamwork. I’m proud to say I have my shoulder back and I’m back to doing everything I did prior to the injury. I feel like I experienced a miracle after giving up. My only wish was that I found Chad and Airrosti sooner! – Karen Covington

I was in pain for 6+ months.. Traditional chiropractic treatments and acupuncture helped, but after 4 sessions with Dr.Chad Meriwether and his assistant, Rachel, I am walking and moving easy, effortlessly and mostly pain free.. As I continue to do my exercises at home, I’ll be pain free soon.. Thank you, Dr. Chad Meriwether and Rachel. – Donna Jo Bergman

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