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Became an Airrosti Provider:2013

Undergraduate School:The University of Texas at Austin

Graduate School:Parker University

Hometown:Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Hobbies:I love to travel, camp, hike and enjoy the outdoors with my husband Jeff and our rescue mutts Beaker and Splinter. I can often be found enjoying live music and festivals around Austin, and I am always trying out new restaurants. I am an avid skier, terrible golfer, casual CrossFitter and love the occasional kickball or softball social league.

Interesting Facts:I grew up overseas and love to travel. My favorite adventures: shipwreck diving in the Red Sea, parachute skiing over the Alps, and watching Lance Armstrong finish the Tour de France in Paris.

What Airrosti Means to Me:Airrosti is an amazing company that allows me to spend quality time with my patients and get them out of pain and back to what they love to do!

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by Paige Pederson

The level of expertise and care I’ve received at Airrosti is unmatched. My pain has lessened significantly in just about a month and I’m equipped with the tools to continue to help my body function better and mentally am just more in tune with what my body is doing. Dr. Kelly and Leah were both wonderful to interact with!

by Mallory Brooks

I came into Dr. Grosch, complaining of hip pain that was bothering me night and day. She listened carefully to me, paid close attention to movements, had meticulous care, a solid plan, excellent exercises, and excellent understanding of the injury. After three visits, I felt so much better and have been back to my hard training runs! I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Grosch’s care!

by Cheryl Chaddick

I originally had scheduled an appointment to come in for what is called a “heel ledge” but right before that Monday, I unexpectedly sprained my back badly. I have been a dancer, choreographer and teacher all my life and was scheduled to teach a master class out on the west coast which was two weeks out. I could barely stand much less take a few steps forward. Dr Grosch and Jasmine, as a team, got me standing and walking in time to be able to teach a 2 hour master class without any problems. After that excursion, another surprise, I pulled my calf muscle and had another master class coming down the pike as well. These ladies did their magic again! Same story and same great outcome. When we finally were able to address my heel ledge, which+ show more had kept me from dancing full out for a year, I was amazed! It took no time to rehab and I wish I had gone to these ladies sooner instead of being caught in a stalemate and immobilized in pain for so long. I believe in their method for healing and treating the body. They really know what they are talking about as to what the body needs for strength and flexibility, which in dancing is all about balance. These ladies listen to what you are experiencing and what you need and then they help you get there. Thank you for dealing with all my body’s problems which dancers seem to have constantly, as you have witnessed, can be a lot!! You ladies are the best!!

by Katie Lee

I was referred to Airrosti by my doctor a couple of months a go for tightness in my neck and shoulders. I have had headaches for as long as I can remember and have seen so many doctors with no result and so I went in with no expectations. Right away I felt like Dr. Grosch treated me more than a patient. She was so warm and caring, making sure I was comfortable. Each treatment she wanted to see improvement and made sure what was being done was another step closer to pain free. Airrosti did not just treat me but also educated me on how to go on living a pain free life. Having seen Airrosti and continued with the exercises, I have yet to have a headache.

by Mike Larsen

Airrosti has helped me get back into running in the past when I’ve had overuse/bad form injuries. In the past year I’ve gotten into Crossfit. In doing so I managed to get some pretty bad tendonitis in my knees. As usual, the fine people at Airrosti got me fixed up and back to working out at full strength. In fact, I was able to compete in my gym’s annual I Am Crossfit challenge and exceed my goals. Dr. Grosch and Jasmine were instrumental in helping to reduce the pain from the injury and strengthen the supporting muscles in a way that not only kept me injury free but actually increased my performance in my workouts. I can’t thank them enough!

by Carla Saegert

Dr. Grosch and Jasmine had me out of pain after one visit. They took the time to listen and evaluate me. I could not have asked for better results. Thank you both.

by Ron Bellomio

I have seen Dr. Grosch for several ailments over the last couple of years. The 1st being a foot injury that I had seen a podiatrist 4 or 5 time for without improvement. Dr. Grosch has me pain free after only 3 visits. After that I was sold that anytime I had an injury I would see Dr. Grosch 1st. In addition Jasmine Parr is a great addition to Dr. Grosch and really takes her time demonstrating and explaining all the things that I need to be doing to get injury free quickly. These two are a great tandem and I highly recommend them to any one who is suffering from pain or an injury.

by Ross Redman

Thanks to Dr. Grosch, Jasmine Parr, and the rest of the Airrosti staff I’ve been able to overcome numerous injuries from long term elbow pain, to my most recent wrist injury. Thanks to knowledge and guidance I’ve been able to get back to work as a personal trainer and pursue my recreational activities without any restrictions. I’d suggest Airrosti to any of my clients.

by Brandon Cox

This was my first time doing Physical Therapy. I was a little nervous about it to be honest. But Kelly Grosch was very professional and very detailed about explaining all the problems with my back and what i needed to do to get it fixed and better so that i would not have to get surgery. After my first week of PT i was actually excited to go back the following week so that i could learn something new to keep my back from hurting.

by Sandy Brousssard

I had been to see my Orthopedic doctor multiple times for pain behind my knee. He finally told me that my knee was fine and referred me to Airrosti. Imagine my surprise when I was told by Dr. Kelly Grosch that it was actually my hip! After 2 treatments with Dr. Grosch and time with Jasmine Parr for instructions on stretching and exercising, I am completely free of pain. They have also given me the tools to make sure I stay that way.

by Brad Otts

I came to Airrosti after developing a nasty injury from training for a triathlon & doing crossfit 5 x’s a week. I have always been in great shape and never really experienced any significant injuries that would lead me to believe that I needed to seek medical attention for it, so this was a humbling moment for me. Upon recommendation from a number of friends, I got into Airrosti and from the moment I walked in…I knew that I was on the road to recovery. From the way that Dr. Grosch & Jasmine connected with me personally, by taking time to listen and hear my story, to easy and easily digestible explanations of what EXACTLY has happened to me, in a layman’s term that I can understand, I was only able to get the actual treatment, but gain+ show more a wealth of knowledge of how I can do things on a daily bases, myself, to keep this from occurring again. Honestly…they gave me the tools to be able to accurately listen to my body, know how to tweak it when I have over-exerted myself & a confidence of how to move forward in a sustainable way. I love Airrosti and it will no doubt be a continued resource of mine for years and years to come.

by John DeLaPaz

I am a personal trainer and competitive power lifter. I was dealing with some lower back pain caused by inflammation in the muscles. I tried foam rolling and massage but the pain didn’t subside. I was then referred by some of my fellow power lifters to check out Airrosti. After going in for treatments with Kelly and Jasmine, they were able to solve the issue by focusing on my PSOAS through my abdominal area. It was really amazing how quickly they had me feeling better than before. My mobility dramatically increased and they even showed me some helpful ways to stretch out the area to keep it from flaring back up. I will definitely go back to them for any other issues I may have in the future.

by Mindy Carr

I have been a patient of Airrosti off and on for three years and am I true believer of their technique. I have suffered several injuries due to working out, playing sports and just getting older but have recovered due to the unique skill of Dr. Grosch and the rehab care of Jasmine Parr. I am very fortunate that my employer believes in the benefits of Airrosti rehab. I have referred family, friends and co-workers and all have had the same success. I am very thankful for the access to Airrosti locally and not sure what I would have done in the past to relieve my pain.

by Ann Funai

I’ve played soccer since I was 6 years old, through HS and college, and now in competitive adult leagues. I began to experience knee pain several years ago, in my mid-30s. While MRIs have showed significant cartilage loss, options like knee replacement and cartilage transplant did not appeal to me as I want to maintain my active lifestyle. I came to Dr. Grosch for Airrosti treatment and within 2 visits began to see improvement. After a 4-5 visits, I saw almost total reduction in swelling, increased mobility, and I am now back to my normal, 6x/week, work out routine. I also have confidence that Airrosti can help me stay on top of any physical challenges that I may encounter going forward.

by Jacob Bai

I first looked for an Airrosti provider 2 years ago when dealing with some back pain. Several friends had referred me to the clinic. I have gone back off and on ever since for other injuries or just a well check. Dr Grosch is personable but does some great myofascial massage. They focus on rapid recovery and don’t want patients to come back for weeks on end (saves money too). I’ve found that getting in periodically for general well checks is a good way to stay pain free.

by Alfonso Delbarrio

I’ve usually viewed any testimonials on any with a certain bit of skepticism but in this case I know it is the real thing because I’m actually writing one! Someone in the HR department of my work had had a good outcome of her own treatment at Airrosti and made a presentation of their services. Since I have had a long history of nagging back problems, I thought it could only help. Wow, was I presently surprised! Dr. Grosch had three visits with me and my back hadn’t felt this good in years. In one visit, she had me start with some motions to gauge how flexible my back was. She saw something and got to work on my problem. Within a half hour of walking in, I was moving in those same motions as before with lots less discomfort and moving fur+ show morether within the stretch. I was amazed and told her so right then and there. I have recommended her to others as I interact with them and if I find out they have issues that might be helped by Dr. Grosch’s treatment. I highly recommend visiting her. You’ll be glad you did.

by Kevin Anderson

After spending a weekend driving a boat on a busy lake I was left with a horrible knot in my neck from constantly looking back at my skier. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Kelly Grosch who is very conveniently located in North Austin. She was able to relieve my pain significantly after one visit and completely after the 3rd. On top of this I learned techniques to use to prevent this sort of pain in the future and I am still using them today. Dr. Grosch is very professional and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to other potential Airrosti patients.

by Kristy McCarthy

I went to see Kelly for a recurring shoulder injury. My doctor told me that it was my rotator cuff and that I should just let it rest. Months later the pain was still there and I happened to hear of Airrosti from a friend so figured I would give it a shot. Turns out it had nothing to do with my rotator cuff and a few weeks later I was pain free! Kelly took time to explain exactly what was happening with my shoulder and walked me through the process step by step. It was amazing and I would absolutely recommend Kelly to anyone!

by John Hathaway

Kelly’s practical advice was very helpful and the sincere concern she showed for me was refreshing and appreciated. I won’t go anywhere else from now on.

by Tara B.

I came to Airrosti because my podiatrist had given me few options for treating my plantar fasciitis. I was splinting at night, doing some generic stretches, and downing Advil like candy. I heard Airrosti did good work, and I’m so, so glad I found Kelly Grosch! I saw her for four visits and today, for the first time in months, was able to walk a mile with my youngest son without a single twinge. I keep up my stretches (just got done with my nightly set, in fact) and I know now that if anything goes awry, she’s the one I’ll be calling first.

by Joan S.

I am a pretty active person. I love to cycle, hike, and kayak. I started to train for a century (100 mile) bike ride this summer and quickly discovered I had a problem — severe hip pain. The same week I went to an Airrosti seminar at my work that discussed stretches for people with desk jobs. The provider mentioned they treat all kinds of injuries. They said the focus is to treat without medication and teach the patient exercises to help them recover, all while still being active. So I looked up a doctor in my area and called in hopes that I could find a way to stop the hip pain and still be able to ride.
I found myself at Dr. Grosch’s office, nervous, in pain and worried there was not enough time to fix this problem before + show moremy century bike ride in 6 weeks. She was excellent, very professional and knowledgeable. She was able to pin point the possible cause for hip pain and gave me exercises to do to help relieve the pain, and still train for my ride. I was not told to take muscle relaxants and stop training, which is what I would have been told by another doctor.

Four visits later, I went in for my pre-ride appointment. By this time the hip pain was 90 percent gone, and she went over a couple of more exercises and wished me good luck.

Well, I was able to complete my century ride this past weekend, with no hip pain and my lower back muscles felt better than they had in over a year! I really don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Grosch and Airrosti. I could not be happier with the results and the skills I have been given to avoid re-injuring myself. Thank you!