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Since opening our doors in 2018, Airrosti Richardson has been working to improve the lives of our patients in Richardson and the surrounding areas, providing safe and effective, long-term pain and injury resolution.

Frequently found to be a viable alternative to surgery, Airrosti Richardson may help you avoid painful, expensive, unnecessary treatments and procedures. We also have a proven track record of helping patients significantly reduce or eliminate the need for prescription pain killers and long-term pain management plans.

Our hands-on musculoskeletal treatment has been demonstrated to accurately diagnose and rapidly resolve the source of most pain and injuries, helping patients return to pain-free activity as quickly as possible. Most patients report complete injury resolution in an average of three visits. (Based on patient-reported outcomes)

With 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, you can trust Airrosti Richardson to help with everything from shoulder to back and knee pain, as well as injuries, including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, pulls, and more.

We encourage you to schedule your worry-free first appointment at your earliest convenience, and we at Airrosti Richardson look forward to helping you quickly get back to enjoying life pain free.


What Our Patients Are Saying:

 I sought help from the Airrosti team for a hip labral tear and impingement. They were excellent. We worked for 2 weeks and the staff listened to my feedback and recommended an MRI. This was the best course of action to uncover the impingement due to a hip cam. They recommended an excellent Orthopedic surgeon. Due to their recommendations and treatment…I am sleeping pain-free and following their plans to avoid surgery. – Michael Youngkin

My testimonial is from the perspective of a very grateful father for the relief Airrosti provided my daughter who was suffering with a severe case of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. As a result of her TOS, she loss the use of her left arm, so I drove her to each of her appointments. As a result, I was invited to sit in on each of her sessions. Once the staff did their initial assessment of my daughter’s condition, mobility, and pain level, they were very upfront, saying they would not promise her rainbows and unicorns, but they were committed to doing everything they could to help her be as pain free as possible. The staff thought it might take 6 – 8 sessions for her to get relief. After her 4th session, they were disappointed with her progress, even though they could tell she was being very diligent in doing her part with the therapy/exercises they had given her to do between appointments. At her 5th session, however, they could tell there had been a significant breakthrough as her mobility was much improved and the discoloration in her left hand had also improved significantly. At her 6th appointment, my daughter gleefully proclaimed she felt she had gotten 98% relief!! She attributes her success to Airrosti, and she will avoid having surgery to resolve her TOS! They staff is compassionate and driven to help their patients with their pain. I would recommend Airrosti to all my friends, and I know my daughter will, too! – Culver Wilson

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